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PSPad 4.5.4 (2356)
Version warning Има по-нова нестабилна версия на тази програма, но Ви препръчваме да използвате последната стабилна версия.


PSPad е безплатен текстов редактор. Програмата разполага със синтактични оцветяване на множество програмни езици - HTML, PHP, Pascal, JScript, VBScript, MySQL, MS-Dos, Perl и още много, работа с няколко документа едновременно, FTP клиент - за да може да редактира файлове директно в Интернет, търсене и заменяне на думи във файла, проверка на правописа, HTML преглед на документа в IE или Mozilla и още множество полезни функции.

Технически данни

Безплатен (Freeware)
Официална страница:
Поддържани ОС:
98 / 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista
  • added new block comments for CNC machines Okuma and Heller into User highlighter definition
  • New SAS parser for Code explorer
  • scripting - function selectionMode() without parames returns active selection mode for current editor
  • MS SQL highlighter - dblclick selects @ char as part of variable
  • PAS highlighter - possibility to set color for data types
  • Code Explorer is focused after synchronize with code button (in case if Set cursor after goto is disabled)
  • Code explorer - item stays highlighted (not greyed) even
  • Code explorer isn't focused
  • Code explorer - added support for ABB Rapid (ftABB file type). Set it as file type in user highlighter definition
  • Statusbar - diskette symol is active with same functionality as Save button
  • Lorem Ipsum form remebers last setting over PSpad sessions
  • Maximum unnumbered bookmarks stored in project file was extended to 100 for each file
  • Included the current TiDy.exe version from 03/2009
  • PHP highlighter - document comment, new keywords, ...
  • Code explorer for PureBasic - added procedures with return codes
  • Code explorer for VB - added support for private and public class
  • User highlighter - new line comment style
  • PSPad supports Drop text from another application, if aplication supports it (IE, Word, ...)
  • Duplicate lines works for block too - it suplicates block now
  • Scripting support - new function logLineIndex([index]): integer - sets or returns current line index in LOG window
  • New function New file (Shift+Ctrl+N) - creates new file without dialog
  • Project from folder function fills now default folder in project settings
  • Program settings / Proram 1 - new option allows you switch off extended mouse support
  • Program setings / Direct edit - new variable Code explorer init = 200000. It sets max. file length in bytes. Files over this value sin't parsed automatically in Code explorer and you need to start parsing with Code explorer Refresh button
  • FTP client - added possibility to go to web page with Winsock error explanation after unsucsessfull connection
  • Check internet version - new dialog
  • FTP - small modifications in interface behavior (step to upper, sort by date include time, moveable columns, ...)
  • Code explorer for Tcl/Tk - added class methods (public, private...)
  • New program action - aScriptRecompile
  • Scripting - new function logSetParser(expression) to set Log parser string
  • Scripting - new functions projectItemsCount, projectItems(index), projectItemsType(index) for project tree handling. See included readme in Script subfolder
  • Swap with line Above/Bellow functions work for selected block too
  • Swap block - new function swaps line in selected block
  • Program settings / Program - new option to enable/disable Multimedia keys for PSpad
  • User highlighter - added Comment style %% (Automaton language)
  • LOG - Search results uses common font and background colors
  • Code explorer for JScript - public functions
  • Line feed in CSS reformating - new parameter in Program settings / Tols
  • Added buton in the Help / Check version dialog to send you to download page
  • In FTP connection settings dialog (bottom) is link for download OpenSSL libraries
  • FTP - added TLS/SSL support using OpenSSL (both DLL libraries have to exist in the PSPad folder). Secure connection is indicated with other yellow icons on the FTP panel.
  • Update TextDiff component, first version of the line differences in the window bottom. Speed was improved.
  • removed project hint length limit
  • new Code explorer for psC
  • built-in KiXtart highlighter actualized to 4.6.0 - new keywords, added reserved words, labels, parameters groups
  • Scripts - added function ftpRefresh() - refresh FTP folder. For ftpUploadFile() added 3-rd parameter - refresh folder after file upload
  • Scripts - added editor function modified([boolean]), sets or returns modified state
  • Code explorer for PureBasic
  • Session manager - possibility to set if new session keeps open files
  • Cobol higlighter - added JCL keywords, JCL comments are still not supported
  • LOG windows - possibility to set (common) font using font button in the LOG window
  • FTP connections - import FlashFXP exported accounts
  • PSPad remembers right dock panel width
  • Program setings / Dialogs - possibility to switch off close all files befre open project
  • PSPad now opens UTF-8 even it contains invalid characters
  • possibility to integrate PSPad into system via registry (Vista 64), now is possible to choose items in the menu
  • file PSPad_registry_clean.reg clears PSPad registry entries
  • SQR (Structured Query Reporter) Code explorer
  • Session - list of existing sessions on the save dialog
  • Project settings - new options for storing project files only and use absolute paths in project file
  • Code explorer - added support for Windows Power Shell
  • Log type List - added horizontal ScrollBar
  • Added support for multimedial keyboards and additional mouse buttons. Supported commands: Next, Previous, Open, Close, Find, Help, New, Open, Save, Print, Undo, Redo, Spell, Cut, Copy, Paste, Record
  • Perl highlighter - new keywords
  • Script menu - open scrip source with both mouse button click instead Shift+Click
  • Copy to Clipboard (Ctrl+C) works in tree items too (Project e.t.c.)
  • Updated icon files
  • added Sessions support - it allows you save/restore open files state (session)
    C# code explorer
  • Remove nonexisting recent files (menu Open / Special or menu next open button)
  • import FTP settings from FileZilla 3 is now supported
  • Command window supports program variables
  • scripting interface - you can set LOG window type with commands logSeTypeMemo and logSetTypeList
  • C++ highlighter - now is possible to set brackets color
  • FTP client - new column file type with sorting possibility
  • increased file load speed in case of Go to EOL in option was disabled
  • block select with F8 works in HEX editor too
  • Open selected file in default application opens file in PSPad if Ctrl is pressed
  • go to parent folder with BackSpace key in the FTP window
  • Search/Replace with regular expression - number of substitution was increased to 50
  • removed limitation to 1024 chars in the MEMO log window style

Коригирани грешки:
  • open file from FTP if file contains spaces in name
  • Open selected file in default application function opens file in PSPad
  • dblclick in the LOG window
  • button LIST and COPY in th Search dialog doesn't handle unicode
  • C++ code explorer and exception related to compiler conditions
  • Indent block function with TAB/Shift+Tab doesn't use Indent with from program settings
  • XML reformat with comments
  • Search in files function doesn't remember used code page selection
  • Project from folder doesn't include files start with "."
  • HTML highlighter and Django templates - in some cases text was invisible
  • XML reformat - exception if XML doesn't start with entity
  • File name was changed to LowerCase if file was open as PSPad parameter
  • Search and Case Sensitive
  • ClipList doesn't show if program was set to StayOnTop
  • New text file save wih forst line longest then 250 chars
  • SQL Code explorer - TYPE parsing
  • FTP client doesn't show file size for files over 2.3GB
  • Code explorer - comments parsing
  • TCL/TK highlighter and escaped strings
  • Project statistics / File information - program doesn't work with current encoding
  • Scripting support - openFileFromFTP(), problem with local path after CWD command
  • TextDiff exception
  • FTP client - problem with date if FTP server doesn't sent complete file date
  • Char fragments in combination with AutoIndent and real tabs
  • Code explorer for C#
  • Print Preview - file from FTP shows local path in header
  • SpellCheck settings - exception if Autocorrect file was locked by external application
  • VBScript highlighter - EndIf was highlighted as keyword
  • URL click
  • Find dialog - Tabs was replaced with spaces in Copy and List functions
  • Incremental search and Find Next/Previous works with last Find dialog settings
  • HTML reformat
  • Multimedia keys support - switched COT and COPY
  • Compiler saves file even it wasn't necessary
  • FTP client - exception when CHMOD was call in folder
  • FTP client cuts first chars of name on some servers
  • multimedia keyboard support - switched CUT and COPY
  • compiled file was saved even wasn't modified
  • FTP - exception with CHMOD for folder
  • FTP - on some servers PSPad cuts first 2 chars from filename
  • e-mail highlighting doesn' count with ampersand char
  • HTML/RTF export doesn't use font from editor window
  • Favourite panel - bad icons if panel was empty
  • Print preview - file name instead file path in header
  • File tab - hint shows local path for files from FTP
  • Code explorer for PHP - public / private icons
  • HTML - templates highlight problem if template finishes on new line
  • Vista and Program settings related exception
  • Session manager with [x]don't close files... option
  • Project - unknown files are sent to associated aplication
  • FTP client with IBM AIX server cuts off first 2 letters from filename
  • PHP Code explorer - classes functions
  • PHP Code explorer - function in classes
  • LOG window - font size
  • LOG window - scroll bar autowidth with script and List style
    reformat XML
  • Splitted window - width of the gutter in the second window
  • TextDiff - goto line in the first window
  • Code explorer for pcC
  • FixedSys font problem
  • Slow file loading problem (return to previous editor component version)
  • Edit in splitted window - missing Save question
  • Char '|' in FTP server name
  • close editor window with active incremental search
  • disallowed chars in FTP path cause problem to store local copy
  • PSpad can handle now file name as param with normal path delimiters
  • Tcl/Tk comments
  • User highlighter - SQL comment doesn't works if "-" char was included in allowed keyword chars
  • FTP - IBM AIX server
  • Code explorer for psC - component hierarchy
  • Autosave doesn't save file to FTP
  • Desktop flash during PSpad start
  • Search file result with unicode file names
  • FTP sorting after column drag/drop
  • mischmashed bookmarks after file Reload
  • Sorting file in tens of MB causes Exception
  • handled exception in case there is no access to HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry
  • Search in files - program crashes in some specific case
  • Search in files doesn't supports ignore file list in folder names
  • handled case, when PSPad window appears outside desktop
  • FTP - fixed problem what causes rewrite current file content if you open already open file
  • interactive templates - removed main window flickering
  • ShortCut for New file for new PSPad installation
  • menu File / Open special doesn(t contains recent files after start
  • Autocomplete - problems with accented chars
  • E-mail address highlighting with char '+'
  • FTP - missing confirmation during rename file to existing one
  • programm writes registry key PSPadPath each start - it's necessary for Windows explorer context menu
  • PHP highlighter corrections
  • program takes SSL libraries from PSpad folder
  • VBScript highlighter fix
  • Template from block - problem with SQL dialects
  • Save to FTP
  • Project settings - exception after click in external application list

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