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Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


AutoIt е безплатен език за скриптове, подобен на BASIC, с цел автоматизирано извършване на различни задачи в Windows. Езикът използва симулиране на клавишни комбинации, симулация на местене на курсора и манипулация на прозорци, за да извършва неща, които са невъзможни за изпълнение с други езици като VBScript и SendKeys.
Създаден е с цел за улеснена настройка на хиляди системи едновременно, но се разраства и се добавя поддръжка на сложни изрази, потребителски функции, повторения и всичко, което един програмист би очаквал.
Някои възможности:
  • лесен за научаване синтаксис, подобен на BASIC;
  • симулация на клавишни комбинации и движения на мишката;
  • манипулация на прозорци и процеси;
  • взаимодействие с всички стандартни команди на Windows;
  • скриптовете могат да се компилират под формата на самостоятелни изпълними файлове (EXE);
  • създаване на графични интерфейси;
  • поддръжка на COM;
  • директно извикване на библиотеки (DLL) и Windows API функции;
  • подробни помощни файлове;
  • поддръжка на 64-битови системи и Unicode.

Технически данни

Безплатен (Freeware)
Официална страница:
Поддържани ОС:
95 / 98 / 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista / 7
  • Added: Struct/EndStruct in DllStructCreate() to solve X86/X64 data alignment.
  • Added: COM support for pure "OUT" parameters.
  • Added: Additional flags added to ObjName().
  • Added: DllCallAddress().
  • Added: ObjCreateInterface().
  • Added #1947: CHM help files now have a Forward button.
  • Added #1813: Better cross referencing for Int() and Mod().
  • Added: "struct" as DllCall and InterfaceDispatch data type.
  • Added #2042: @OSVersion returns "Win_8" on Windows 8.
  • Changed: Compiling with VC10. Added workarounds for Win2000/XP RTM to allow execution of AutoIt, Aut2Exe, Au3Info, Au3Check and AutoItHelp.
  • Changed: COM Error handler passes error object as first parameter to user defined error function.
  • Changed: COM Error handler properties are read-only.
  • Changed: Dec() and Hex() work with 64bit integers.
  • Changed: Parentheses are required when invoking objects after all method names in order to have correct internal handling.
  • Changed: Dec(), Int(), Number() have second optional parameter defining non-default behavior.
  • Changed: Hex() detects doubles internally and processes them respecting binary format.
  • Changed: New visual style for the documetnation.
  • Changed: 64bit integers have 16 characters display by default.
  • Removed: COM Error object no longer exposes methods Raise() and Clear().
  • Removed: Int() and Hex() no longer set @error.
  • Fixed #1040: _ScreenCapture_Capture(): GDI object leak with cursor capture.
  • Fixed #1599: TraySetItemText() regression for default menu item.
  • Fixed #1282: WinMove before GUICtrlSetPos during GUICreation.
  • Fixed #1397: Bad HotKeySet() not detected on keyboard as Russian one.
  • Fixed #1531: default txtcolor for iput edit list combo updown with black theme.
  • Fixed #1617: GuiCreate failure after GuiDelete can lead to a loop on Autoit exit.
  • Fixed #1596: GUICtrlSetPos() default = no change.
  • Fixed #1626: TCPRecv()/TCPSend() doc about Unicode transmission.
  • Fixed #1633: Second AdlibRegister function starts at once when first function is too slow.
  • Fixed #1653: Doc for WM_KEYLAST Windows 2000 message.
  • Fixed #1669: StringRegExpReplace() doc about doubling of "\" in replace string.
  • Fixed #1673: WinGetProcess() doc example.
  • Fixed #1677: Invalid ContinueLoop with multiple levels.
  • Fixed #1684: FileRead() binary read memory allocation error.
  • Fixed #1685: BitRotate() shift parameter.
  • Fixed #1734: GUICtrlCreateAVI() crash with negative subfield.
  • Fixed #1923: Memory consumption while FileOpen/FileClose.
  • Fixed #1883: IsHWnd(), Return Value. (Nitpick: Value = Bool).
  • Fixed #1860: DriveStatus Returns Ready with blank value.
  • Fixed #1854: StringIsFloat returns 1 on non float numbers.
  • Fixed #1910: Please change $TTN_GETDISPINFO to $TTN_GETDISPINFOW.
  • Fixed #1844: SplashTextOn crops variable when used with opt 32 and @CRLF / @LF.
  • Fixed #1932: Uninstaller, windows-register, App Paths. (+beta).
  • Fixed #1929: SetMenuColor() does not work on 64bit OS.
  • Fixed #1479: X64 ListView WM_NOTIFY Message.
  • Fixed: GUICtrlCreateLabel() related text sizing bug when no height was used.
  • Fixed #1586: DllStructSetData(char, 1, string-with-NUL-character), junk data(?)
  • Fixed #1908: ObjName() returns empty string for HTMLDocument with IE9.
  • Fixed #1658: COM / OLE object access causes error code 80020003 - member not found.
  • Fixed #1410: Using Pointer type with COM-object throws error.
  • Fixed #1565: Arrays as object properties; memory leak.
  • Fixed: ObjCreate() memory leak when using a remote computer.
  • Fixed #865: winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1 ObjEvent unhandled exception.
  • Fixed: Remote COM bug caused by incorrect CoCreateInstanceEx() parameter.
  • Fixed: Potential memory leak in COM error event code.
  • Fixed #1660: Crash on Mod() with a divisor of 0.
  • Fixed: COM methods no longer change the type of AutoIt variables.
  • Fixed #2001: Example for _GUICtrlToolbar_SetButtonText() did not work correctly.
  • Fixed #1994: Documentation for _ScreenCapture_Capture() and _ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd() incorrectly stated the functions had no return value. Moved information from Remarks up to Return area.
  • Fixed #1948: Documentation for _GUICtrlButton_SetImage() had the wrong description.
  • Fixed #1519, #1694: Int() and Number() returning wrong.
  • Fixed: Various documentation typos and grammatical errors.
  • Fixed #1982: Crash in FileGetShortName() and FileGetLongName().
  • Fixed #2046: DirGetSize("") was returning the size of the working directory root instead of -1 and setting @error.

  • Fixed #1686: AU3_PixelSearch crashes.

  • Added: Option "Use Spy++ control detection logic" toggle added to Au3Info (this was the mode always used in recent releases, but the very old method that used to be used is useful in certain applications (for example, putty.exe)
  • Fixed #1746: Option "Use Spy++ control detection logic" toggle added to Au3Info.

  • Added: _DebugSetup() can report to a Notepad Window.
  • Added #1371: Allow Default keyword in _TempFile().
  • Added #1527: Test example to have doc example working.
  • Added #1636: _Security__LookupAccountSID() for Remote Systems.
  • Added #1569: _ArraySearch() $iPartial (->$iCompare) extended to match on variables of same type.
  • Added #1557: VK_xBUTTON in Constants.au3.
  • Added #1890: Better cross-referencing for _WinAPI_GetParent() and _WinAPI_GetAncestor().
  • Added #1925: $WS_EX_LAYOUTRTL control style to the documentation.
  • Added #2049: Missing windows message codes to WindowsConstants.au3.
  • Added: _WinAPI_StringLenA() and _WinAPI_StringLenW() functions.
  • Added: _WinAPI_DuplicateHandle() function.
  • Added: _Security__CreateProcessWithToken(), _Security__DuplicateTokenEx and _Security__SetTokenInformation functions.
  • Fixed #1542: _DebugSetup() closing when use with GUI handling events.
  • Fixed #1549: _SQLite_Escape() crash for strings > 64K (>
  • Fixed #1517: _GUICtrlListView_simpleSort with checkbox.
  • Fixed #1588: AUtoIt3.exe stay active for all processes using the Window report.
  • Fixed #1615: _GUICtrlTreeView_SetStateImageIndex() with index = 0.
  • Fixed #1620: _DebugOut() or _DebugReportVar() containing '.
  • Fixed #1513: Allow _GUI...() to use notification callback (LPSTR_TEXTCALLBACK).
  • Fixed #1608: _Crypt_EncryptFile() for file >1Mb.
  • Fixed #1644: _InetMail() with Windows Live mail.
  • Fixed #1453: _Net_Share_ShareCheck return always 0.
  • Fixed #1664: _GUICtrlTab_GetItem() does not return text.
  • Fixed #1671: _WinAPI_WideCharToMultiByte() doc.
  • Fixed #1672: _WinAPI_GetObject() reference ANSI version.
  • Fixed #1665: _ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd() when running with Aero theme.
  • Fixed #1689: _Debug...() cannot be obfuscated.
  • Fixed #1712: _FileWriteFromArray() crash on array.
  • Fixed #1754: _PathFull() optional parameter doc.
  • Fixed #1756: _GDIPlus_Startup() Flaw on error.
  • Fixed #1920: Script crashes with error reported in Security.au3 at line 85.
  • Fixed #1895: Bugs in _GUIScrollBars_Init().
  • Fixed #1891: _ArrayDisplay (......,i$iTranspose,...) wrong description.
  • Fixed #1933: _GetIP is outdated and could possibly fail.
  • Fixed #1859: Bug in _WeekNumberISO?
  • Fixed #2009: Incorrect styles listed in _GUICtrlToolbar_Create().
  • Fixed #1009: SQLite library needs to support a user-defined callback for diagnostic messages instead of hard-coding ConsoleWrite().
  • Fixed #1985: _IECreate() now ensures focus is given to the document when an about URI is loaded (such as about:blank). IE9 gives focus to the URL bar which can cause later issues setting focus to elements.
  • Fixed #2004: Functions that accept Control ID/Handle were not correctly documented.
  • Fixed #1951: Missing parameter in documentation for _SQLite_SQLiteExe().
  • Fixed #1442: File handle can now be passed to _FileWriteLog().
  • Fixed #1777: Issues with Security.au3.
  • Fixed #2055: replaced DllStructGetPtr with "struct
  • " throughout UDFs.
  • Fixed #2048: Windows constants $WM_RBUTTONDBLCLK and $WM_MBUTTONDBLCLK were named incorrectly.
  • Fixed #2034: _GUICtrlMenu_AppendMenu dllcall type set wrong.
  • Fixed #2060: Various documentation errors.
  • Changed: _SQLite 3.6.22 ->
  • Changed: _IEFormElementSetValue() examples #3 removed (login to Hotmail).
  • Changed: _IEFormElementSetValue() examples #4 and #5 (now #3 and #4) use the text input instead of the file input. The file input is read-only on IE9 so the Send()/ControlSend() produced no results.

  • Added: #forcedef directive to force var definition as after Assign().
  • Added: -w 7 to check ByRef parameter passing.
  • Fixed: Const Enum wrong ERROR.
  • Fixed: Global declared in func not detected.
  • Fixed #1051: no ERROR if keyword not followed by a separator as Local$a.

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