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PC-BSD 9.0 Beta 2
Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


PC-BSD е относително лесна за инсталиране и настройване BSD дистрибуция. Само след няколко кликвания ще я имате инсталирана като тя сама ще засече хардуера на компютъра ви и ще инсталира необходимите драйвери. Операционната система е изградена на базата на BSD и KDE. Основната й цел е да бъде лесна за работа и същевременно достатъчно мощна операционна система.

Технически данни

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Поддържани ОС:
  • Fixed an issue fetching large sets of packages during an update
  • Added NVIDIA driver to install media, allowing it to be used instead of “vesa” and “nv“
  • Fixed an issue with passwords & encryption strings with a ‘=’ in them causing parse errors
  • Auto correct if user tries to use /home mount-point to /usr/home
  • Fixed internet installation defaulting to an incorrectly formatted URL
  • Added sanity checks to AppCafe to check if user is able to install applications
  • Fix to pbi-manager to checkout correct FreeBSD sources
  • When adding new users via the GUI, include them in the “operator” group by default
  • Fixed misc crashes while using the User Manager
  • Set wallpaper to full-screen mode on install images
  • Increase default ‘/’ partition size to 2GB
  • Added AppCafe warning when no meta files can be found
  • Cap the size of default swap space
  • Fixed layout of default XFCE menu
  • Make hyper-links work in Welcome application
  • Fix loading translation files in Xorg Wizard
  • Show total and current MB of downloads in AppCafe
  • Fixed bugs in Firewall Manager causing incorrect service names to be selected
  • Show status of firewall restart in the GUI
  • Put volume applet on LXDE panel by default
  • Added feature to System Manager and Installer to right-click on meta-pkgs and show details
  • Reorganized the meta-pkg layout
  • Enhance pc-su to use more appropriate “su” backend depending upon WM being run
  • Include support for some additional Broadcom wifi chipsets by default
  • Allow booting to emergency console on LIVE images
  • Added Draft version of PC-BSD 9 handbook
  • Speed up booting by loading some KLDs after kernel is loaded
  • Clear temporary files in /tmp at boot by default
  • Add support into AppCafe for showing HTML formatted descriptions
  • Added new default font configuration
  • Use more appropriate icons for entries in Control Panel
  • Fixed an issue with IBUS variables not being set properly
  • Fixed printer config to use “pc-su” so we have permissions to add / remove devices
  • Fixed syntax bug when trying to install using “gmirror“
  • Fix pbi-manager to resume downloading meta-data if the system was shutdown before it finished

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