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BurnInTest for Linux 3.0 Build 1002
Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


PassMark BurnInTest е софтуер, който ще ви позволи да тествате всички компоненти на Вашата система едновременно като ще бъдат проверени стабилността и надеждността им. Можете да тествате процесора си, твърдия си диск, CD и DVD устройства, както и записващи такива, звукови и видео карти, РАМ памет, мрежови връзки, принтери и видео възпроизвеждане.

Технически данни

Платен (Shareware), $49
Официална страница:
  • Fixed a bug with the scripting where when launching a script from the command line sometimes the script would launch the tests twice at the same time
  • Changed the behaviour of the serial port test to prevent situations where the test could freeze rather than throw an error (only when using custom test plugs)
  • Fixed a bug in the parallel test where if the port address was not set to a default value the sent/received count would not be displayed correctly
  • Some changes to the serial port test were made to match the windows behaviour, if an error is encountered the test will now continue after closing and re-opening the serial connection
  • Some timeout changes were made in the serial test to prevent the test pausing rather then timing out in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where the test configuration window could crash if there were more than 40 hard disks / paritions detected on the system
  • Fixed a bug where multiple "Device" keywords could be added to the same "<Test>" module of the disk test section of the command line configuration. This would cause the disk test to start with incorrect parameters.
  • Changed how the disk test files were deleted to improve the speed of deletions when cleaning up old test files

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