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Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


REAPER е мощна програма за запис, редакция и аранжиране на аудио файлове. Програмата разполага със завидно удобен интерфейс на фона на възможностите, които предлага, сред които са работа с множество пътеки, поддръжка на MIDI, подробно пренасочване на аудио потоците през различни софтуерни и хардуерни входове/изходи, прилагане на ефекти, работа с плъгини и др. Друг основен плюс на програмата е лекотата й на работа, с каквато не могат да се похвалят всички програми от същия тип.

Технически данни

Официална страница:
Поддържани ОС:
98 / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
  • Freeze:
    - actions to render tracks in-place with FX, then save/remove existing media and online FX
    - menu actions in FX chain window to freeze track up to last selected FX
  • MIDI editor:
    - switching sources via filter window no longer unhides all other sources
    - undo fixes, especially related to list editor
    - improved list view default focus, toolbar focus
    - note properties fixed reset of combo boxes on multiple note selection
    - inline editor marquee fix
    - fixed bug when quantizing notes that were drawn in (not painted or recorded)
    - fixed context menu doubleness when clicking above piano keys
    - support painting notes in drum mode with very small grid
    - step recording works when docked
  • FX:
    - fixed possible excess midi notes on loop when PDC FX are used
    - improved undo state tracking when copying/moving FX between tracks
    - if project samplerate set and loading project, try to initialize loaded plug-ins at correct rate (avoid later reinit)
    - pin mappings are now stored more safely, fix for possible race conditions
  • API:
    - added SetProjectMarker3() and AddProjectMarker2() for setting custom marker colors
    - threading fixes for GetSetObjectState() and other related APIs
  • Envelopes:
    - fixed editing point values for FX wet/dry envelopes
    - pitch envelopes snap configuration (1 semitone, 50 cent, 25 cent, 10 cent, 5 cent, 1 cent, off)
  • Metering:
    - new multichannel tracks default to multichannel metering enabled
    - master multichannel metering is now optional
  • Mixer:
    - scroll improvements/fixes
    - opening/unhiding mixer now makes last selected track visible
    - restore undocked mixer window position in docked screensets
  • Mouse modifiers:
    - support ripple edit (off, one track, all tracks) while moving items
    - import/export mouse modifier support (.ReaperMouseMap files)
    - obey user preferences to seek playback when middle clicking ruler or arrange view
  • Render:
    - new user setting for tail length to use in project render, stem render, track freeze
    - fixed certain issues with filename wildcards
  • Scale finder:
    - button to use selected notes in MIDI editor
    - added topmost window pin
  • Video:
    - improved rendering accuracy, support for rendering with playrates
    - hide topmost pin when going fullscreen
    - updated API to support the newest FFmpeg/libav version (v53)
  • Actions: toggle multichannel track metering, now in track menu
  • Directory cleanup: now looks for media references in project bay media items
  • Fades/crossfades: prevent unintentional crossfade edits when media items are adjacent but not crossfaded
  • Grouping: fix for rare item group reuse bug
  • Media explorer: fixed crash issue when group policy prevented embedded explorer (falls back to non-explorer view)
  • MIDI: use MIDI track name event when importing files
  • MIDI files: options to automatically snap time signature changes, tempo changes on file import
  • OSX: better behavior when using modal windows (such as save as with convert) when REAPER inactive
  • Playback: corrected minor rounding bug on playback start in certain instances
  • Relative snap: avoid clearing snap offset when copying media items
  • Scrub/jog: don't snap edit cursor
  • Sends: shift+drag IO from unselected track to selected uses all selected tracks as receivers
  • SRC: fixed quality/synchronization issue (4.0x regression)
  • Toolbars: store toolbar assignments in screensets
  • Topmost pin buttons: bug fixes, buttons now remember their last states (based on window title)
  • Track manager: added freeze column/button
  • Track manager, region manager, project bay: columns can be reordered
  • Undo history: improved keyboard behavior (return loads state, escape when docked sets focus to arrange, other keys passed through to main)
  • Vertical zooming: scrollbar fixes, better behavior
  • VST: support effSetSpeakerArrangement notifications for plug-ins

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