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Sony Vegas 11.0.370
Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


Sony Vegas е виртуално професионално студио за видео и аудио обработка. Програмата разполага с почти неограничени възможности за редакция - неограничен брой пътеки за видео и аудио потоци, изработка на 3D ефекти, множество ефекти и преливания, поддръжка на HDV устройства, поддръжка на MPEG2 и Flash, 24bit/192kHz поддръжка, наличие на множество аудио ефекти, възможност за използване на VST плъгини, поддръжка на ASIO интерфейса, мултипроцесорна поддръжка и др.

Технически данни

Официална страница:
Поддържани ОС:
XP / Vista / 7
  • GPU-accelerated video processing (please see System Requirements for information about supported hardware).
  • New Titles & Text plug-in.
  • Improved usability for the ProType Titler.
  • Added a new Star Wipe transition.
  • Added a new Radial Pixelate video plug-in.
  • Added per-parameter keyframes for many video plug-ins.
  • The Transitions, Video FX, Media Generators, and (new) Compositors windows all include folders to group plug-ins and a search box to help you find plug-ins easily.
  • The Stabilize plug-in has been simplified and improved.
  • The Stereoscopic 3D Adjust plug-in now includes Floating Windows controls to allow you to mask the edge of the video frame to compensate for screen-edge violations.
  • Added a Stereoscopic 3D depth control to the Cookie Cutter effect, as well as Cross Effect and Iris transitions.
  • Support for NVIDIA 3D Vision on single-display systems using the Windows Graphics Card device (available in Preferences > Preview Device).
  • Event Pan/Crop is now integrated into the Video Event FX dialog.

  • Improved usability for the Mixing Console.
  • A simplified Master Bus window provides you with a streamlined view of your project's master output.

  • Sync links provide an additional method of keeping events synchronized: a linked event retains synchronization when the event it is linked to is moved but can be moved independently.
  • An updated Render As dialog streamlines the rendering process and makes it easy to manage your favorite render templates.
  • Integrated Upload to YouTube.

  • MainConcept AVC/AAC improvements:
  • Added MP4 templates for Internet distribution.
  • Added an Enable progressive download check box to the Video tab of the Custom Settings dialog to allow your videos to begin playing during download.
  • Added support for GPU-accelerated rendering.
  • Added support for RED EPIC® clips.

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