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Eraser 6.0.8 Build 2273
Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


Eraser ще ви помогне да изтриете своята информация така, че да не може да бъде възстановена. Това е особено удобно когато желаете да заличите дадени данни, без те да оставят следи или някой да може в последствие да ги върне обратно. Приложението използва сложни техники за изтриване и последващо презаписване на блоковете, където се е намирала информацията и по този начин тя е заличена със сигурност.

Технически данни

Безплатен (Open Source)
Официална страница:
Поддържани ОС:
98 / 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista / Server 2008 / 7
  • Fixed Eraser icon badge to reflect correct version
  • Initial Polish translation for Eraser
  • Fixed Donation link in About dialog
  • Fixed improper exit from Eraser when the instance was started by the system
  • Fixed documentation error: missing description of the Unused Disk Space target
  • When erasing shortcuts, erase the shortcut and not the target of the shortcut
  • Fixed compatibility for drag & drop with Total Commander (and older programs)
  • Fixed non-saving of schedule type when editing a task
  • Fixed status error when editing adding a new task when one is already running
  • The MSI installer will no longer check for the .NET Framework, only the Bootstrapper will
  • Fixed "File in Use" errors when plausible deniability is selected (decoy files)
  • Supplants a fix in Eraser 6.0.6: the amount of data that needed to be overwritten was underreported
  • Fixed crash on certain computers with unusual drive configurations
  • Fixed erasing of UNC paths: Eraser would previously refuse to erase UNC paths. However, use this feature at your own risk: UNC paths behave differently from disk erasures and data may not be completely erased.
  • Fix the (wrong) file name reported when erasing cluster tips
  • Better filesystem access permissions resilience when erasing cluster tips
  • Fix crash when a disk is connected but not mounted
  • Do not display the Eraser context menu for the Start button
  • Fixed the "out of disk space" error when erasing unused disk space
  • Fixed compatibility with Magellan Explorer on pre-Vista OSes
  • Fixed a few minor documentation errors on task list compatibility and on NTFS compressed/encrypted/sparse files
  • Fixed display of task schedule times to be accurate only to one minute
  • Removed the Gutmann Lite method
  • Fixed crash when right-clicking empty spaces in folders
  • Fixed the "Eraser cannot connect to the running instance for erasures" error when triggering Eraser from the context menu and when Eraser is not already running
  • API change: task.Executing is now false when the TaskFinished event handlers are called

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