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J. River Media Center 17.0.31 Beta
Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


J. River Media Center е чудесен мултимедиен център, с който можете да управлявате, разглеждате и редактирате музикални, фото и видео файлове, различни графични изображения, както и да записвате музика и филми на обикновени дискове. Също позволява да си направите фото албуми със снимки на любими хора. Наред с това тази програма позволява да синхронизирате различни видове файлови формати с фото и видеокамери, цифрови плеъри и много други.

Технически данни

Официална страница:
Поддържани ОС:
95 / 98 / 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista / 7
  • Fixed: The list on the left of DSP Studio was not working properly.
  • Fixed: Entering an out-of-bounds value into the Parametric Equalizer's 'Adjust a frequency' filter could cause problems.
  • Fixed: Remote control playback buttons broken for one build.
  • Fixed: Filesize was not getting filled in correctly for Blu-ray titles.
  • Changed: Replay Gain 'Automatic adjustment' mode uses the 95th percentile so that outliers that are extremely quiet don't cause an entire playlist to have its volume reduced too much.
  • NEW: ASIO outputs a little silence when stopping so that hardware that plays its last buffer on the next start won't click. About 1/4 of a second.
  • Fixed: Movie name field not being set correctly for DVD/Blu-ray titles on the original disc.
  • Faster: Grouping of path-style fields like keywords, location, etc. in panes and category views is faster.
  • Changed: Removed weather from Theater View due to business model changes by (use NOAA and Google instead).
  • Changed: Improved handling of MPEG-4 video and AAC audio in digital television.
  • Changed: Improved analysis of DVD's on import so FPS, bitrate, resolution, etc. are now shown correctly.
  • Changed: Revised ASIO playback flow when starting DSD playback based on feedback from Playback Designs.
  • Fixed: XMLTV parsing would only load one channel if the channels and programs were interlaced in the XML.
  • Fixed: When playback of a video finished and it returned to Theater View, the monitor could immediately go to sleep in rare cases.
  • Changed: Changing values using the new Tag on Import feature will update file tags to match the changes made.
  • NEW: Audio and video types (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AC3, AAC, H.264) can be selected during manual editing of television channels. Applicable to DVB-T only.
  • Fixed: Tweak DLNA nested control fix from version 29. Could have caused trouble with some renderers.
  • Fixed: MIDI playback was not working.
  • Changed: Improved Carnac's handling of SageTV filenames.
  • NEW: Added the option to direct sound to the side speakers only with Direct Sound audio output (for outputting multiple stereo zones from one soundcard).
  • Changed: Lineup list style in Theater View could show HTML-like text formatting tokens in some cases.
  • NEW: Options > Theater View > Advanced > File Caption supports HTML-like formatting (like 17.0.28 added for Standard View).
  • Changed: Improved SSA subtitle support, especially for files that show multiple captions at the same time.
  • Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
  • NEW: The subtitle engine supports animated SSA karaoke subtitles.
  • Changed: The subtitle engine uses a higher quality outline for text-based drawing.
  • Fixed: Media Center could crash if a playback button on the remote control was pressed while the Blu-ray title menu was being displayed.
  • NEW: Added ability of DLNA services to work with devices which use a nested control structure.
  • Fixed: The library backup filename dialog wasn't offering a default filename or warning when overwriting an existing file.
  • Fixed: Canceling television recording did not work when user chose to switch to a different channel on the same tuner.
  • Fixed: OSD displayed channel info incorrectly when an STB channel was watched or recorded (it showed "Playing: Input Source 3 -..." instead of "Playing: 55 CNN..." for example).
  • Faster: Libraries that use relational fields are faster.
  • Changed: The right-click menu is no longer disabled in Web views.
  • Faster: Improvements to core libraries that help program load performance and size.
  • Fixed: Movie name from mymovies.xml file was not being used - instead the movie was named according to the folder above the index.bdmv file.
  • Fixed: Video in jtv format captured from HD PVR video capture device did not play in Red October HQ.
  • NEW: SSA subtitle engine supports the custom fonts for each style used in the SSA (falls back to user selection when a block of text has no font in its style).
  • Changed: When number keys on a remote control are used to change television channel and the original input string does not match any channel, MC removes beginning '0's from the input string and tries again.
  • Fixed: Replay Gain information was not being used properly when applying DSP to a handheld conversion.
  • Fixed: If DSP is used when converting for a handheld, the new file could have a stale replay gain value written to its tag.
  • Changed: Improved handling of numbers, dashes, etc. in the FixSpacing(...) expression.
  • NEW: Carnac better understands SageTV filenames (use Fill Properties From Filename in automatic mode to update existing files).
  • Changed: The expression function FileName(...) suppoprts an optional parameter for whether to include the extension (to get no extension: FileName(,0)).
  • Fixed: TMDb movie lookup was not always getting the highest quality image available.
  • Changed: Import will only mark a file as bad if it hasn't been changed on the file system for an hour (so auto-import won't put a fresh file copy in the bad database and then remove it when the copy finishes).
  • NEW: Thumbnail text supports basic HTML text formatting tags like bold, underline, italic, and <font color="FF0000">red</font> (remember that slash requires escapement in the expression editor so use <//b>, <//i>, etc.).
  • Changed: WAV & AIFF tagging are enabled by default (use Plug-in Manager > Input > WAVE & AIFF > Configure to change).
J. River Media Center 17.0.31 Beta

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