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J. River Media Center 17.0.33 Beta
Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


J. River Media Center е чудесен мултимедиен център, с който можете да управлявате, разглеждате и редактирате музикални, фото и видео файлове, различни графични изображения, както и да записвате музика и филми на обикновени дискове. Също позволява да си направите фото албуми със снимки на любими хора. Наред с това тази програма позволява да синхронизирате различни видове файлови формати с фото и видеокамери, цифрови плеъри и много други.

Технически данни

Официална страница:
Поддържани ОС:
95 / 98 / 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista / 7
  • Faster: Expression language is faster when dealing with fields (as a result, it's no longer supported to nest functions inside the Field(...) function).
  • Changed: Zones are sorted by name in the tree.
  • Fixed: Conversion of audio for DLNA and Gizmo could sporadically fail with the last few builds.
  • Fixed: Jitter in the high-precision system timer could cause video playback failures (applies to dual-core AMD machines on XP, possibly others).
  • Fixed: DVB-T2 television channels (with AAC audio) did not play.
  • Fixed: Setting a relational database field could fail to set all members of the relationship in rare cases.
  • NEW: TiVo beacon generated internally by MC, solves problems with the TiVo's unsupported beacon API not working on some newer versions of windows.
  • NEW: Remark (REM) statements in CUE files are now handled as meta-data. Currently COMMENT, DATE, GENRE are supported.
  • Fixed: On screen display text was incorrectly all drawing as bold.
  • Changed: The Theater View file list always shows at least two thumbnails horizontally and vertically, regardless of the size setting and ideal thumbnail image aspect ratio.
  • SDK: Seeking a video using the web service (MCWS) could lead to problems.
  • SDK: Improved MCWS/v1/Library/Values so it can return all values for a given field or search any number of fields for matches.
  • Fixed: Remote control keystrokes sent to Media Center from a system like Girder might have been disabled while a pop-up was being displayed.
  • Changed: Subtitle images are delivered to EVR from the main thread (fixes possible hangs when detaching or sizing EVR while subtitles were going).
  • Fixed: AAC MediaType was specified incorrectly so Hauppauge Colossus video capture device did not have sound.
  • Changed: Updated to version .39 of LAV audio, video and splitter directshow filters. Improved seeking on Mpeg-2 and VC-1 files, and playback of raw H.264.
  • Changed: Carnac assumes that a file with a television recording extension that's over 70 minutes is a movie instead of a television show.
  • Changed: Carnac deals with the uncapitalized word "not" from SageTV naming better.
  • Changed: More tweaking to the DLNA nested control fix from builds 29 and 30. Could have caused trouble with some renderers.
  • Fixed: When installing an update on a non-administrative account the prompted for a different username and password to run the install, the program could report an error when starting after the update.
  • Faster: Holding Shift+PgDown in a list is much faster, especially in a large list.
  • Changed: Improved ts recording of digital television.
  • Faster: Import works 4 files at a time instead of 2 files at a time (background auto-import still works 1 file at a time since it's designed to have a small footprint and run in the background).
  • Faster: Tag reading is faster for all file types.
  • Faster: ID3v2 parsing is faster.
  • Faster: The I/O pattern used for analyzing MP3 files is more efficient -- making MP3 import up to twice as fast.
  • Changed: The core filename functions better support filenames in the form "file://C:/My%20Music/1.mp3".
  • Changed: Expressions that work on filenames better handle portable install filenames like "(Install Drive):\1.mp3".
  • Changed: Audio type is set to AAC when building a playback graph with Hauppauge Colossus video capture device.
  • Fixed: Theater View weather was using Fahrenheit for the Google source, even if Celsius was selected.
  • Changed: Revised how text-based subtitle sizing is performed so that it's more consistent across differing fonts, DPIs, etc.
  • Fixed: The vertical position of SSA subtitles was not correct in some cases.
  • Changed: Added support for vertical text with SSA subtitles.
  • Changed: SSA subtitle support honors the scale and font size of the styles section (font size is scaled relative to median font size used in the styles section).
  • Fixed: Videos that used non-square pixels would display with the incorrect aspect ratio when played using Gizmo on Android.
J. River Media Center 17.0.33 Beta

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