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Partition Logic 0.7
Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


Partition Logic е безплатна програма за работа с твърди дискове и техните дялове. С нейна помощ можете да създавате, премествате, форматирате, конвертирате, оразмеряване и изтривате различни дялове на твърдите си дискове, а освен това да копирате цялото съдържание на един диск върху друг. Програмата е изградена на базата на изцяло независима операционна система и се стартира от CD-ROM, без да изисква наличието на друга операционна система. Според авторите това е доста реален конкурент на скъпо платените Partition Magic, Drive Image и Norton Ghost.

Технически данни

  • Updated the appearance of windows and several types of widgets.
  • Added 64-bit disk support.
  • Added UDF (DVD-ROM) filesystem support.
  • Added GPT disk label support to the kernel and to the Disk Manager program.
  • Included a quantity of new icons based on contributions provided by Leency <>, including the folder icon, and all of the file browser icons for different file types.
  • Implemented keyboard navigation of the GUI menus using 'Alt' to activate them, and the cursor and 'Enter' keys to navigate and select.
  • Alt-Tab now raises the root window's 'window' menu for keyboard navigation between open windows, in a way somewhat analogous to the way Windows and other GUIs do it.
  • Added loader file class support for the ability to recognise GIF and PNG images, Zip, Gzip, and Ar archives, and PDF and HTML documents. Also added file browser icons for PDF, HTML and archive files.
  • New splash image for the 0.7x series.
  • Added support for some new (non-4:3 aspect) graphics modes.
  • Improved the IDE driver so that it can detect and operate multiple controllers, correctly use PCI I/O port remappings, and PCI interrupts, as well as adding improved support for things like backwards-compatible SATA disks/controllers.
  • Added initial, very basic detection of AHCI SATA controllers (operating in native AHCI mode) and their disks.
  • Added more efficient power management, idling the processor during spare cycles.
  • Added basic internationalization library support (libintl), modeled on the GNU gettext system.
  • Added new keyboard mappings: French, Belgian, and Spanish.
  • Added some extra error checking in the filesystem detection code.
  • Added right-click context menus to the disk icons in the computer browser. The menu currently contains 'Browse', 'Mount as...', 'Unmount', and 'Properties' choices.
  • The computer browser now shows the filesystem label, if applicable, in its icon text.
  • When displaying an image, the 'view' program now scales large images down by default so that they use no more than 2/3 of the screen.
  • The 'view' program now has a right-click context menu to zoom in and out on images, or show them actual size.
  • The boot menu installer program 'bootmenu' now checks for previous installations and remembers the old entries.
  • Added mouse support for scroll wheels.
  • Fixed: The OS loader could hang during disk detection (divide by zero error) if the BIOS 'get drive parameters' function returned success despite there being no such drive.
  • Fixed: The PS/2 mouse driver has been reworked to deal properly with mouse interrupts from various types of mouse hardware.
  • Fixed: The FAT filesystem driver no longer sets the size of the file to a multiple of the block (cluster) size on every write. Only if the number of blocks changed.
  • Fixed: Clicking on a filename with embedded spaces failed to open the file in the file browser, because it wasn't quoting the name.
  • Fixed: The 'cdrom' program was crashing with a page fault during device scanning.
  • Fixed: The partition diagram in the Disk Manager was showing extra border lines when clicked, that didn't appear until moused over and made stranger-looking by the phantom redrawing of invisible menu items at the same theoretical coordinates that caused them to be discontiguous. The superclass image component was unhelpfully drawing its border when focused.
  • Fixed: Detecting USB mice and keyboards at boot time could fail and prevent other devices such as PS/2 mice and keyboards from working properly.
  • Fixed: Opening the edit program when running from a read-only filesystem produced the following error in the window:
  • "Error:edit:kernelFile.c:kernelFileGetTemp(3304) Filesystem is read-only"
  • Fixed: When running the edit program from a read-only filesystem, specifying a non-existent file would close the program without any message.
  • Fixed: Recursive copying of a directory into another directory using the 'cp -R' command did not create the destination top-level directory, but instead merely copied the contents of the source directory.
  • Fixed: A disk caching bug wherein the cachePrune() function could be called in the middle of a mult-part cache read or write operation.
  • Fixed: A page fault exception that could occur when starting the 'filebrowse' File Browser program.
  • Fixed: The 'edit' program was creating temporary files that weren't being deleted on exit.
  • Fixed: A number of components were creating error messages and/or crashing when certain files (such as mouse pointer images and icons) aren't present.
  • Fixed: When using a FAT12 filesystem, writing any FAT sector after the first one was causing 2 sectors to be written - resulting in a write of the last FAT sector overwriting the first root directory sector.
  • Fixed: The FAT filesystem driver was under-calculating the correct size for the free-cluster bitmap in the case where the data clusters were not a multiple of 8.
  • Fixed: Passing an empty string to the kernelFilesystemMount() command was resulting in the new filesystem being mounted over top of the current directory.

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