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WinGate 7.0.0 Build 3332
Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


WinGate e Proxy Server, който ще ви позволи да пренасочите вашата Интернет връзка към други компютри, като същевременно с това разполагате с изключителна степен на защита срещу външни прониквания. Можете да настроите програмата да работи като HTTP и FTP прокси сървър, мейл сървър и много други. VPN клиента ще ви позволи да изградите своя собствена защитена виртуална частна мрежа, чрез която да имате достъп до дадена мрежа от всяка една точка в света без да се притеснявате за сигурността.

Технически данни

Официална страница:
Поддържани ОС:
2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista / 7
  • Fix: memory and handle leak in manual classifier relating to rules that check data lists
  • Fix: to driver installer, solving occasional problem updating driver on 2k8 server and Windows 7.
  • Fix: to Windows Users and Groups on non-English OSes.
  • Fix: to Log viewer relating to unicode data.
  • Fix: to timeline relating to storage of unicode data
  • Fix: to installer to get around warnings about driver installation from untrusted vendor.
  • Fix: to Data schema relating to use of data strings and data counters within scripts.
  • Fix: to DNS client relating to definition of local sites
  • Fix: to WinGate Management relating to navigation tree not working on some occasions.
  • Fix: to WinGate Management relating to automatically logging into last used WinGate.
  • Fix: to policy relating to exporting of policies containing a colon in the name.
  • Fix: to web activity allowing it to function properly on MS SQL Server
  • Fix: to web activity relating to closing out activity blocks
  • Fix: event schema for session object in IMAP events now shows as correct type.
  • Fix: Issue where trial options were still showing if purchased license and expired trial were installed.
  • Fix: HTTP Cache now prompts for restart of WinGate when the cache index database is changed
  • Fix: Resolved issue where help collection files were becoming corrupted.
  • Added: Support for UNC paths in browse for folder dialog, allows UNC paths to be used for Logging, caching, email etc.
  • Added: New MACInfo module, that provides access to vendor information for MAC addresses.
  • Added: WinGate management shows warning for modules that fail to load.
  • Added: Now remove trials of matching products when a purchased license is installed. Prevents surprises when trials expire.
  • Added: New indices added to timeline database tables to improve query performance.
  • Added: Changes to Active Directory connector to enforce licensing policy for Standard licenses.
  • Change: New event context data (symbol browser) dialog.
  • Change: Changed the way HTTP Cache volumes are removed on deletion (rename first to avoid conflicts with new volumes of the same name that may be created while the first is being removed)
  • Change: removed ability to suppress warning when deleting a VPN.

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