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VideoRedo TVSuite H.264
Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


VideoRedo TVSuite е мощна и същевременно лесна за работа програма за редактиране на видео файлове. С програмата можете бързо и удобно да си изрежете нежеланите части от MPEG1, MPEG2, MP4, TS, REC и WTV файлове и да си направите DVD с избраните участъци. Програмата разполага с готови схеми (presets) за създаване на DVD дискове, автоматично смаляване от HD към SD, автоматично изрязване на съдържание с черни ленти до нормално широкоекранно такова, директно отваряне на декриптирани IFO файлове, точно покадрово редактиране, специален алгоритъм за автоматично откриване на реклами, предварителен изглед в реално време, автоматична синхронизация и др. екстри.

Технически данни

Официална страница:
Поддържани ОС:
XP / Vista / 7
  • Critical GUI: Tools>Options>Transport page no longer being displayed.
  • NEW WTV reading: New WTV reader which supports multi-audio (MPEG2 only) and multiple DVB Subs. Disable via shift+T>O: #62
  • Change Batch Manager (new): Checks to make sure COM interface is registered and versions match. Prompts user if either incorrect.
  • Change Batch manager (new): When adding multiple files, display progress as each file is opened and inspected. Added abort button.
  • Change Batch script: Added version check to the script to warn user if /t# is being used instead of /p:
  • Change GUI: Running batch cleared saved window maximize flags.
  • Change H.264 encoding 2 pass: Create a unique name for the first pass statistics file to allow for multiple encodings at the same time.
  • Change H.264: H.264 streams was not honoring setting of shift+T>O, #41 Enable closed captioning and subtitling for DVB subs.
  • Change Installer: Installer will now always automatically register VideoReDo Batch COM objects. Uninstaller will remove.
  • Change QSF output: Don't permit user to QSF elementary stream source to elementary stream output.
  • Change QSF: Changed the output file name edit box to read-only so that the user must browse and select an output profile.
  • Change QSF: TVSuite H.264 could crash when clicking on Output File Browse due to bad pointer (broken in 608).
  • Change Tivo output: Don't allow TiVo output unless source file is also TiVo file
  • Change WTV output: "Duration" metadata in the output file was being copied from the source rather than reflecting the edited duration.
  • Change WTV output: Added mutliple audio (MPEG2 only) and DVB subtitle support to the WTV muxer.
  • Fix Window positions not reset when running Batch/COM in silent mode.
  • Fix Installer could cause configuration wizard to be run twice if UAC is active (broken in build 609).
  • Fix AAC-LC LATM: BBC AAC with LOAS/LATM were being tagged as AAC-HE when they were actually AAC-LC.
  • Fix Batch manager (new): Unable to set the default output file prefix and/or destination folder.
  • Fix Batch manager (new): When adding multiple files, the output folder is not properly saved.
  • Fix Batch: Create DVD or Joine files might exit and not create any output due to uninitialized variable.
  • Fix Error handling: If source is MPEG2 and recoder had an initialization error, error message wasn't being reported back to user.
  • Fix GUI: Didn't remember if window was maximized in previous session.
  • Fix H.264 NAL Parsing: In debug mode, PPS parsing could abort if only 2 bits left in NAL.
  • Fix MPEG2 LPCM: Buffer size calculation incorrect resulting in out of memory when trying to open MPEG2 PS w/LPCM audio.
  • Fix Output profiles: Fixed problems when the profile has "Allow multiple audio streams" unchecked.
  • Fix QSF: H.264 Filtering would not work if the requested dimensions started after T>O>Stream, # MB to scan.
  • Fix Registry: Renamed, "Sepcial: DisableLogicalFileSort", to "Special:DisableLogicalFileSort".
  • Fix WTV: Corrupt .wtv file is causing the WTV reader to crash rather
VideoRedo TVSuite H.264

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