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J. River Media Center 17.0.50 Beta
Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


J. River Media Center е чудесен мултимедиен център, с който можете да управлявате, разглеждате и редактирате музикални, фото и видео файлове, различни графични изображения, както и да записвате музика и филми на обикновени дискове. Също позволява да си направите фото албуми със снимки на любими хора. Наред с това тази програма позволява да синхронизирате различни видове файлови формати с фото и видеокамери, цифрови плеъри и много други.

Технически данни

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Поддържани ОС:
95 / 98 / 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista / 7
  • Changed: Pressing play on the remote (while stopped) in the Theater View television grid did not work nicely.
  • Changed: Playing a guide program from anywhere in the program will automatically switch to live television playback, starting at the channel of the program.
  • NEW: MC automatically detects audio type when starting Hauppauge HD PVR and Colossus devices.
  • Fixed: Transitioning out of fast forward / rewind during video playback was not working nicely the last few builds.
  • Changed: More tuning to device lost handling for Theater View.
  • Changed: Reduced compile size of logging, making the program a little smaller.
  • NEW: Surround sound audio files can be played on Gizmo.
  • Fixed: Some VC1 video files were not playing on Windows XP.
  • Fixed: All http services. When receiving a http 1.1 request with "connection: close" the connection must close immediately after that transaction.
  • NEW: When controlling a remote Media Center zone, reordering, deleting, and shuffling Playing Now is fully supported.
  • Fixed: Embedded cover art in mp4 files was not used for thumbnailing.
  • Changed: When a library fails to load, if there is more than one available library, the failure dialog will offer the option to load a specific library (along with other choices like retry, load previous, restore from backup, etc.).
  • Fixed: Some remote commands that used app commands (like 'back', etc.) weren't working in Theater View in the last couple of builds.
  • Fixed: Right-clicking the DSP button in the player would show a menu over the top of the Audio Path dialog.
  • Fixed: On some machines, thumbnailing of JTV or other MPEG-2 files could fail.
  • Fixed: Video backgrounds were not working in Theater View.
  • Changed: Reworked the presentation system used by hardware accelerated windows like Theater View to be more efficient (uses one less thread, negotiates with Aero better, etc.).
  • Fixed: Using the fullscreen exclusive option for Theater View would lead to problems entering Theater View if exclusive mode failed.
  • Fixed: In some cases, stopping a movie and returning to Theater View would not restore the resolution when using display mode changing until leaving Theater View.
  • Changed: Posting a WM_CLOSE directly to Theater View would not work nicely (only applies to build 47).
  • Fixed: Using a custom library field [Library] in the Rename, Move, & Copy Files tool could cause the setting to be lost when reopening the dialog.
  • Fixed: The experimental fullscreen exclusive rendering in Theater View would switch the monitor refresh rate back to 60 Hz when entering Theater View from a 24 Hz movie.
  • Fixed: Theater View exclusive rendering works better when switching to other programs on a multi-monitor setup, better handles mouse cursor hiding, etc.
  • NEW: DLNA, added multi-channel audio conversion to wave/lpcm[. When converting to wave, 24 bit wave, L16 or L24 the original channel layout is used for conversion. UNLESS set to "always convert" and "stereo downmix" (under advanced) is checked in which case everything is converted to 2 channel. NOTE: probably not supported by most renderers yet. Most likely to work on some DLNA DACS. For backwards compatibility "stereo downmix" should be selected with "always convert" when there is multichannel source in your library.
  • Fixed: Audio Path information could be incomplete with regards to DSP plugin processing state in certain cases.
  • Fixed: Videos that exposed their subtitles with a MEDIATYPE_Text pin were not working properly.
  • NEW: Added 384,000 Hz as a possible resampling choice in DSP Studio > Output Format.
  • NEW: From memory audio playback will use up to 1GB instead of 256MB (after 256MB it checks against available memory to avoid using swap).
  • Fixed: For operations where the action window shows the progress (i.e. Conversion Cache builder), if the 'X' button was clicked the action window would never go away.
  • Changed: Screen resolution lists are sorted with the highest resolutions at the top instead of the bottom.
  • Changed: Some internal window class names changed from "J. River ..." to "JRiver ..." (would only matter if you're scripting Media Center and targetting certain class names).
  • Changed: Added experimental Theater View > Options > Advanced > Use fullscreen exclusive mode for drawing.
  • Changed: DLNA, in content directories, increment updateID to prevent container caching (their numeric ID's are dynamically assigned).
  • Fixed: DLNA, aggregate DVD's weren't always being presented with the proper mimetype and DLNA flags.
  • Changed: DLNA, Now reports the size of aggregate DVD's in the content directory.
  • Fixed: TV recordings from Hauppauge Colossus would not play.
J. River Media Center 17.0.50 Beta

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