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Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


REAPER е мощна програма за запис, редакция и аранжиране на аудио файлове. Програмата разполага със завидно удобен интерфейс на фона на възможностите, които предлага, сред които са работа с множество пътеки, поддръжка на MIDI, подробно пренасочване на аудио потоците през различни софтуерни и хардуерни входове/изходи, прилагане на ефекти, работа с плъгини и др. Друг основен плюс на програмата е лекотата й на работа, с каквато не могат да се похвалят всички програми от същия тип.

Технически данни

Официална страница:
Поддържани ОС:
98 / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
  • overhaul, many internal changes
  • Perl support removed for now
  • Perl support will come back when/if [линк] is completed
  • see Help/HTML lists/ReaScript documentation for more information
  • better error reporting
  • more flexible Python support, should work with almost any version of Python on any platform
  • set current script directory as start of path (look for modules there first)
  • support for importing one ReaScript module into another
  • support for setting a custom external editor for .py files (Preferences/External Editors)

  • improved merging of multiple MIDI sources (glue, receives, record output)
  • looped overdub recording fix for crash bug (issue ID 3807)

MIDI editor:
  • actions to remove trailing (or all) notes of less than a certain length
  • fixed odd behavior when option enabled to snap notes to the left

Mouse modifiers:
  • adjust envelope bezier curvature for all selected points at once
  • fix for painting a straight line of notes over an existing note
  • select all MIDI notes touched while dragging (ctrl+alt+right-drag by default)

  • new instances on per-take FX will operate in item-space rather than in project-space
  • resizable user interface, many UI improvements

  • button overlay images now inherit scaling attributes from the underlying button image
  • WALTER added reaper_version (example: 414) and mcp_maxfolderdepth

  • allow loading of OSX GRM plug-ins version 3.1.1 or higher (earlier versions crash)
  • fix for occasional blank UI for Celemony plugins

  • Audio Units: improved support for plug-ins that use unordered parameter IDs
  • Envelopes: added option to not show affected envelopes when moving items across tracks
  • Grid navigation: fixed for ts changes and larger grid divisions
  • JS: updated IX effects
  • Media buffering: option for lower buffer size when per-take FX open (to reduce visual lag)
  • Media explorer: option to go to next item at end of preview
  • Media item fades: optional handles for editing fades when the media item is small
  • ReaScript/API: fix for getting track mute and selected state
  • Regions: improved handling of envelopes when moving/copying regions
  • Ripple editing: improved handling of envelope points, MIDI items, tempo changes when removing time
  • Ruler: improved display relating to time signature markers and tempo ramps
  • Tempo maps: improved tempo map editing behavior
  • Time maps: fixed snapping bugs with ramped tempos and varying time signatures
  • Video: improved video frame display speed when seeking

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