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J. River Media Center 17.0.59 Beta
Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


J. River Media Center е чудесен мултимедиен център, с който можете да управлявате, разглеждате и редактирате музикални, фото и видео файлове, различни графични изображения, както и да записвате музика и филми на обикновени дискове. Също позволява да си направите фото албуми със снимки на любими хора. Наред с това тази програма позволява да синхронизирате различни видове файлови формати с фото и видеокамери, цифрови плеъри и много други.

Технически данни

Официална страница:
Поддържани ОС:
95 / 98 / 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista / 7
  • Fixed: Theater View message boxes (or pressing escape to show a message box) could crash in build 58.
  • Changed: Using Rename, Move, & Copy for a video file will also move sidecar edl, srt, smi, idx, sub.
  • Fixed: Renaming a video file would move a sidecar image but not update the image file field, causing the link to the image to be broken.
  • Fixed: Blu-ray titles weren't always showing up in the title menu.
  • Changed: Red October uses the latest LAV filters (v0.43). Improved stability on WinXP, improved MKV performance, fixed problems with MPEG2/H264 broadcasts, AMV decoding, various other improvements.
  • Fixed: Per-file aspect ratio settings were not being preserved between plays.
  • Fixed: Sorting results by match quality wasn't always working well in the Get Movie & TV Info tool.
  • NEW: The file rename and move tool now works with JTV titles in the database.
  • Fixed: In Rename/Move/Copy dialog, VIDEO_TS and BDMV sub-folders were getting doubled up.
  • Fixed: In Detached Display mode, some keyboard shortcuts would not work.
  • Fixed: Rare dead-lock when updating Podcasts.
  • Changed: Renamed the window class names of the playback display (only relevant if you're scripting the program).
  • Changed: Blu-ray title menu shown when "dvd menu" button on remote is pressed.
  • Changed: Updated to madVR v0.80 (fixes issue with black bar cropping in Red October HQ).
  • Fixed: When first adding a folder in Configure Auto-Import, file type selections would not be saved properly.
  • Fixed: CD ripping would fail if meta-data had invalid filename characters embedded.
  • Fixed: Renaming a video with a sidecar image was not working properly.
  • Fixed: Full resolution thumbnail overlays, which are used when using large thumbnails, would flicker when used in album thumbnail views.
  • Changed: JRSS is now supported when doing 12, 16, 24, and 32 channel output (JRSS will populate 7.1 and the other channels will be silent).
  • Fixed: Changes to the bitstreaming mode in Options > Video were not sticking.
  • Fixed: Rename/Copy dialog was showing wrong case for file extension on destination DVD names.
  • Fixed: Theater View music backdrops from uses more exact artist name matching when searching to reduce or eliminate the possibility of incorrect artwork.
  • Changed: To better handle the variety of non-square pixel displays, a zone-specific option is available in Options > Video > Advanced > Aspect ratio correction (this replaces the old 'Anamorphic' aspect ratio mode).
  • NEW: Added MCC zone-specific commands MCC_SET_SUBTITLES (10052), MCC_SET_AUDIO_STREAM (10053), and MCC_SET_VIDEO_STREAM (10054) (the parameter is: int nIndex (-1 toggles forward, -2 toggles backwards)).
  • Changed: Saving a Rename, Move, & Copy preset with the same name as an existing preset replaces the existing preset.
  • Changed: Cleaning the cover art folder will only delete album images for artist / album values that aren't in the library (even if no files reference the artwork).
  • NEW: Added an MCC command to take video screen grabs MCC_VIDEO_SCREEN_GRAB (10055) [parameter: 0: use as thumbnail; 1: save as external file].
  • Fixed: The updated cover art system wasn't properly handling characters in the artist and album that weren't possible file system characters.
  • NEW: The file rename and move tool now works with DVD and Blu-ray titles in the database.
  • Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
  • Changed: Core AAC audio decoder is white-listed for use in custom video mode.
  • Changed: When renaming files according to a template, MC now uses a maximum of 60 characters rather than 40 for each DB field value within the template.
  • Changed: Loading an EPG no longer attempts to find episode artwork in the cover art folder (and series images are handled by auto-import).
  • Changed: Cover art assigned to video or data files is always stored next to the file.
  • Changed: When importing a new video (or when using Cover Art > Quick Find in Cover Art Folder), only cover art next to the file is detected.
  • Changed: The command 'Use Screen Grab For Thumbnail' saves the image next to the file instead of in a central screen grab folder.
  • Fixed: Looking up cover art from the Internet for artist names with a dash in them could fail.
  • Changed: Library backups go to [Documents]\JRiver\Media Center 17 instead of into the application data folder (configurable in Options > File Location).
  • NEW: Moving the cover art folder with Options > File Location will move existing cover art on disk and update the database.
  • NEW: Added Options > File Location > Cover Art > Clean cover art folder.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when starting video playback if it took a while to open the audio output and the audio path information was requested in the meantime.
  • Changed: When switching display resolutions, Aero desktop composition is toggled to fix stale composition rates from causing troubles with madVR, etc. (thanks to madshi for the tip).
  • NEW: It's possible to specify a default aspect ratio mode in Options > Video > Advanced (useful if you have an anamorphic lens, etc.).
  • NEW: Added initial support for DVB subtitles (please provide information or sample files if you encounter issues).
  • Fixed: Custom video config dialog could crash on some systems.
  • Fixed: Recycling files from a thumbnail view could lead to a hang.
  • Fixed: Cropping black bars on content that didn't use square pixels was not working properly.
  • Fixed: Updated LAV filters to alleviate some video playback issues on Windows XP.
  • Changed: The expression editing control 'Insert Field' menu doesn't put brackets around field names (allows typed-navigation in the menu to work better).
  • Fixed: Resizing some views using a glass-enabled skin could flicker.
  • Changed: Updated 'Share to Web' Action Window to newer user interface components so that it works better with glass skins.
  • Changed: Added the Microsoft decoder DMOs as options for custom filter selection.
  • Changed: Custom audio output selection for video playback requires using Custom video mode.
  • Changed: The 'Condition' for custom video mode uses substring matching instead of exact matching (so codec(mpeg-2) will match 'MPEG-2 Video').
  • Changed: Revised the naming of the video mode and Red October settings.
  • NEW: Custom video mode allows selection of source / splitter filters.
  • Fixed: Hauppauge Colossus and HD PVR did not play correctly on some computers. Now LAV audio decoder is specifically loaded for these devices.
  • NEW: New and improved system for choosing custom filters to go along with Red October (single easy to read list of changes, can apply customization per codec or container, etc.)
  • Changed: When using 'Disabled Volume' volume mode, the volume isn't offered on the OSD.
  • Fixed: Switching from 'Internal Volume' to 'Disabled Volume' didn't immediately disable any internal volume attenuation.
  • Fixed: DLNA server, audio. When "convert when necessary" was set and the target was mp3 and the source was multichannel, the conversion was failing (wasn't downmixing to 2 channel). Broken by the multichannel changes in 17.0.48.
  • Fixed: Some CD rips, especially classical, were generating folder names that were too long for the system to handle.
  • Changed: Pressing the Spacebar no longer does the same thing as pressing the Enter key in dialogs, since Spacebar is often used for de-activating screensavers.
  • Fixed: DLNA, jtv files are now converted when video conversion is set to "convert unsupported"
  • Changed: DLNA, obsolete options for "support image content" and "support video content" are removed.
J. River Media Center 17.0.59 Beta

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