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Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


REAPER е мощна програма за запис, редакция и аранжиране на аудио файлове. Програмата разполага със завидно удобен интерфейс на фона на възможностите, които предлага, сред които са работа с множество пътеки, поддръжка на MIDI, подробно пренасочване на аудио потоците през различни софтуерни и хардуерни входове/изходи, прилагане на ефекти, работа с плъгини и др. Друг основен плюс на програмата е лекотата й на работа, с каквато не могат да се похвалят всички програми от същия тип.

Технически данни

Официална страница:
Поддържани ОС:
98 / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
Track manager:
  • double-click track number to scroll track into view
  • MIDI column (double-click to open all track MIDI in editor)
  • action to delete selected tracks (via menu or delete key)
  • changing record-arm state clears track auto-recarm
  • doubleclick on toggle columns works properly
  • drag tracks in manager to rearrange tracks in project (optional)
  • fixed remembering previous window location on OSX
  • if track MIDI is already open, double-click MIDI column to close
  • mute/solo/record-arm changes respect grouping (shift held overrides)
  • option for filter to hide child tracks only if the folder parent is hidden
  • option to auto-scroll to selected track when mirroring selection
  • right-click FX column to open individual track FX
  • right-click header to show/hide columns
  • set last touched track when selecting from the track manager
  • set track colors

Region manager:
  • delete key removes regions
  • display time in project timeline format
  • edit region/marker names in place
  • optionally display project markers
  • right-click header to show/hide columns
  • seek when selecting a marker or region (optional)

Project bay:
  • fixed action to force refresh
  • list offline FX
  • option to zoom/scroll to selected items when mirroring selection
  • right-click header to show/hide columns
  • usage menu selects and scrolls to media items

  • updated to ReWire 2.6
  • OSX and Win64 now install ReWire libraries if necessary
  • support for loading 64 bit ReWire devices
  • support for running 64 bit REAPER as ReWire slave (requires 64 bit host app, for now at least)

  • added simple functions to safely access take and track audio
  • extensions and ReaScript can store/restore simple global state (GetExtState, SetExtState, etc)
  • extensions can add functions to ReaScript

  • avoid unnecessary delays when bridge process failed to launch
  • OSX support for bridging/firewalling 64 bit VST/AU

Memory metering:
  • improved Win32 memory meter accuracy
  • option (enabled by default on 32 bit) to warn when memory use is high

Parameter modulation:
  • fixed switching between tempo-synced and unsynced LFO
  • no minimum or maximum for typed-in LFO speed

  • Python loading improvements
  • separate custom path preferences for 32-bit and 64-bit REAPER

Render dialog:
  • remembers last window position
  • saves changes even if window closed without rendering

  • update track manager when switching track views
  • save/load TCP visibility with track views

  • immediate feedback when sweep recarm/mute/solo controls across multiple tracks
  • sweeping mute/solo/record-arm respects grouping (shift held overrides)
  • sweeping record-arm buttons clears track auto-recarm state on mouseup

Track templates:
  • support for saving envelopes in templates
  • option to offset imported template items (and envelopes) by edit cursor

  • 64-bit build now compiled with ICC
  • better ASIO device selection when running both 32-bit and 64-bit REAPER on the same machine

  • Actions: relative item positions are preserved when moving item start or end
  • AU: fixed wet/dry control on default pin mappings
  • Auto recarm: faster changing of recarm state when operating on many tracks
  • Config import/export: UI improvement, added sections for chanmaps, scripts, menusets
  • Control surfaces: don't create undo points when any surface has touch state set
  • Envelope editing: fixed envelope point selection following time selection when option disabled
  • Filters: support for NOT and OR keywords (upper case, ORs have lowest precedence, so a b OR c d NOT e means (a and b) or (c and d and not e)
  • Freeze: fixed actions to freeze through last selected FX
  • Media item properties: immediately update properties window on apply
  • MIDI editor: fixed hang when entering grid size of zero
  • Mixer: action to show/hide children of selected folder tracks
  • ReaTune: clear/update analysis on demand in the manual correction tab
  • Regions: improved timesignature handling when duplicating regions
  • Take lanes: option to display empty lanes is now global, not per-project
  • Track recording settings window: fixed potential crash under certain instances
  • VST: fix for saving presets for plugins with non-automatable parameters

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