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WinGate 7.1.0 Build 3389
Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


WinGate e Proxy Server, който ще ви позволи да пренасочите вашата Интернет връзка към други компютри, като същевременно с това разполагате с изключителна степен на защита срещу външни прониквания. Можете да настроите програмата да работи като HTTP и FTP прокси сървър, мейл сървър и много други. VPN клиента ще ви позволи да изградите своя собствена защитена виртуална частна мрежа, чрез която да имате достъп до дадена мрежа от всяка една точка в света без да се притеснявате за сигурността.

Технически данни

Официална страница:
Поддържани ОС:
2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista / 7
  • New: support for localization. WinGate can now be translated into any language by anyone using our resource editor, or even notepad.
  • New: added support for multiple selections when choosing user database objects. Eases management of group membership, user/group policy checks, permissions and access control.
  • New: reinstated support for importing users from text file with WinGate users and groups.
  • New: added subject option for auto responder for mail settings, can refer to original subject line.
  • New: Added multiple select in users and groups panel for WinGate users and groups (allows deletion of multiple items at once)
  • Fix: WinGate users and groups: Stability issue with NTLM support.
  • Fix: WinGate users and groups: WinGate Management stability issue displaying group membership when there were a large number of members.
  • Fix: WinGate users and groups: deadlock issue in searches when there were nested groups.
  • Fix: WinGate users and groups: issue relating to conflicting user accounts. Now disable conflicting account and log warning.
  • Fix: WinGate users and groups: In PreAuth event, accessing the Agent value caused an unhandled exception.
  • Fix: Mail auto-responder supports unicode now.
  • Fix: Policy editor toolbox scroll-bar flickering issue. Was preventing editing of some policies, dependent on screen size / layout.
  • Fix: mail queue processing issue when mail was looping, would leave msg file in incoming when rcp moved to dead
  • Fix: SOCKS server issue when SOCKS5 connection request made using IPv4 address type.
  • Fix: issue relating to selection of a tab when opening the edit user dialog (e.g. when editing a user from mailboxes in email).
  • Fix: SMTP Server, issue relating to STARTTLS command when secure connection already established.
  • Fix: set connection backlog for incoming connections to max supported for OS.
  • Fix: VPN panel, issue relating to showing multiple nodes (some would be not shown).
  • Fix: WinGate advanced options issue relating to network buffers and hash entries settings.
  • Fix: IMAP server issue with non-recursive LIST command
  • Fix: IMAP and SMTP servers AUTH empty challenge issue, only affected some clients.
  • Fix: Various fixes to IMAP, including bodystructure with nested RFC822 messages, FETC partial responses, and ENVELOPE.
  • Fix: Performance improvement to IMAP when fetching a message using multiple FETC commands.

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