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phpMyAdmin 3.5.1 Release Candidate 1
Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


С помощта на това Web базирано приложение ще можете да управлявате вашите MySQL бази с данни по особено лесен и интуитивен начин. Нещо, задължително за всеки администратор на бази с данни.

Технически данни

  • bug #3510784 [edit] Limit clause ignored when sort order is remembered
  • bug #3511471 [interface] View name not seen in navi panel (MySQL 5.1)
  • bug #3512916 [display] Right frame reloads after displaying SQL result(zero rows)
  • bug [interface] Fixed missing Codemirror for inline query edit when exporting a result set
  • bug #3514490 [auth] Multiple Navigation panels bug still present
  • bug #3515181 [users] Error in create user + underscore + create database
  • bug #3515666 [display] Profiling chart shows wrong data
  • bug #3516037 [auth] JS includes missing in auth config error page
  • bug #3516183 [display] Missing image extension
  • bug [display] Added missing icons in original theme
  • bug #3516761 [edit] Query error after search
  • bug #3516405 [display] Chart title is getting wrong within chart export
  • bug #3517021 [interface] Header links except 'More' hide after closing dialog
  • bug #3516817 [interface] "More" actions in table structure
  • bug #3518484 [privileges] PMA_sqlAddSlashes() does not quote the table names correctly
  • bug #3518983 [designer] Error messages do not appear in the Designer
  • bug #3519747 [interface] Suhosin patch warning incorrectly displayed
  • bug #3520107 [interface] Server status page: Incorrect dialog box titles
  • bug #3516089 [structure] DROP does not work on defective VIEWs
phpMyAdmin 3.5.1 Release Candidate 1

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