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TwistedBrush Pro Studio 19.01
Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


Pixarra TwistedBrush Pro Studio е софтуер помагащ ви да рисувате с напълно естествени инструменти. Производителя на продукта е заложил на изпълнението на продукта си и може да се каже, че е успял, защото лесно и бързо създавате чудесни картини, а в последствие да редактирате вашите произведения. За да Ви улесни програмата е снабдена с над 2000 вида четки, възможност за работа със слоеве, възможност за клониране на снимки, използване на маски, частици, филтри, различни текстури и още множество приятни и полезни възможности.

Технически данни

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Поддържани ОС:
95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / Server 2008 / 7
  • Added - Art Pro - Image Filters ArtSet added. Very powerful set of brushes.
  • Added - 4 new brushes added to the Art Pro - Nu Media ArtSet.
  • Added - Brush Effects VM Fine Tune 1, VM Fine Tune 2, VM Fine Tune 5 and VM Fine Tune 10 added.
  • Added - Auto mask stroke brush effect.
  • Added - Auto mask clear effect.
  • Added - Brush effects Select Filter and Brush image filter.
  • Added - Additional brushes to the Art Pro - Text Brushes ArtSet.
  • Added - Brush effect Script Brush script.
  • Added - A basic Screen Capture automation script added. Capture screen to named file. Found at File > Automation
  • Improved - The Bezier tool Stroke command works much faster now and works with all brushes.
  • Improved - Stroke scripts now process layered strokes prior to merging into the source layer. This makes stroke scripts much more versatile.
  • Improved - The brush effects modifiers ArtSet has many of the brush effect sets modified to make use of adjustable settings.
  • Improved - Ensure global hot keys are available after setting tool parameters.
  • Improved - The Brush tool hot key (S) was only activating the popup tools option not brush drawing, this was changed to allow for drawing.
  • Improved - Minor addition to the Pro Nu Metal brush.
  • Improved - Strong warning added when attempting to save to one of the key application ArtSets.
  • Updated - Camera raw file system updated to support additional cameras.
  • Fixed - Searching in the Select Brush dialog would result in a Pro Presets choice in the left most panel. Clicking it results in an error.
  • Fixed - Undo was not working properly with brushes that use the bStrokeScript effect.
  • Fixed - Pixel Mode brush effect would result in subsequent effects being ignored for that brush.
  • Fixed - Lua based filters were not properly recording into scripts.
  • Fixed - Lua function buffer_from_mask was not working correctly.
  • Fixed - Setting a layer or page as a cloning source was affected by the mask when it should not be.

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