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WinGate 7.2.0 Build 3416
Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


WinGate e Proxy Server, който ще ви позволи да пренасочите вашата Интернет връзка към други компютри, като същевременно с това разполагате с изключителна степен на защита срещу външни прониквания. Можете да настроите програмата да работи като HTTP и FTP прокси сървър, мейл сървър и много други. VPN клиента ще ви позволи да изградите своя собствена защитена виртуална частна мрежа, чрез която да имате достъп до дадена мрежа от всяка една точка в света без да се притеснявате за сигурността.

Технически данни

Официална страница:
Поддържани ОС:
2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista / 7
  • New: Categories: Added support for selecting multiple categories at once when creating web access rules.
  • New: Credentials: Change default credentials downgrade option to do nothing rather than downgrade to assumed
  • New: Credentials: Added option to credentials rule for assumed user to be deemed authenticated.
  • New: Data: Added support in Data file lists for unicode files with BOMs.
  • New: VPN: Added User object to events for Hosted VPNs
  • NeW: VPN: Show username on VPN panel for Nodes connected to hosted VPN
  • New: WinGate Management: Added progress dialog and error reporting for synchronisation of packages from engine
  • New: WinGate Management: Modules panel now prompts to restart WinGate if module startup settings are changed
  • New: API: Extended Network Service API for component-based network services.
  • New: IMAP: Increased maximum command buffer size for IMAP server.
  • New: Users and Groups: Added support for user database searches to search for multiple users at once, to reduce search load for Web access rules panel, Permissions, and Policy User/Group Check items.
  • New: Web Access Control: Added classification result to Session schema, so it is now available in policy / event processors
  • New: Web Access Control: Optimisation of rule evaluation if "who" contains the "Everyone" security principal.
  • New: Policy: Added Event type column to show compatibility of policy
  • New: Policy: Now shows policy as enabled if it is enabled regardless of whether it is connected to an event or not.
  • New: FTP Proxy: now supports authentication to proxy, using USER/PASS. Can access settings also in ClientConnect policy to vary by client.
  • New: FTP Proxy: now supports OPEN command for FTP client to specify which site to connect to
  • New: FTP Proxy: Added ConnectToServer event for access control to servers.
  • New: Data: File-backed lists now optimised for entries which do not contain wild-card characters. Improves lookup speed immensely.
  • New: RIP: changed default setting for RIP listener to off. Saves surprises when there are routers on your LAN broadcasting RIP and you aren't using VPN.
  • Fix: Web Access Control: issue where auth challenge would not be sent if user was assumed.
  • Fix: Web Access Control: issue in web access control rule creation wizard when back button pressed.
  • Fix: WinGate Management: issue when stored layout gets corrupted, causing WinGate Management to crash
  • Fix: WinGate Management: Fixed bug relating to closing of task panel
  • Fix: WinGate Management: Removed Help button from Service dialog (uses F1 help instead)
  • Fix: WinGate Management: wired up help topics for service dialogs
  • Fix: Mail: removed embedded tab characters in debug logging for SMTP delivery and POP3 collection services
  • Fix: Logging: skip embedded tabs when searching in last column
  • Fix: Licensing: fixed issue in license information panel when license name contained invalid XML characters (e.g. ampersands)
  • Fix: Timeline: Fixed bug in timeline relating to closing of blocks when using a filtered view.
  • Fix: Policy: Fixed missing resources in context menu for column headers.
  • Fix: Policy: SQL Item now returns an error on use if license does not permit use of it (rather than returning true).
  • Fix: Licensing: invalid license feature aggregation when trial Standard WinGate selected and VPN trial activated.
  • Fix: Licensing: not showing expiry dates for subscription licenses in report control (only info pane).

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