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Inno Setup 5.5.9


Inno Setup е безплатна програма за създаване на инсталатори за MS Windows. Въпреки, че е безплатна, програмата е богата на опции и може да се похвали със стабилност, на която платени алтернативи могат да завидят. Работата с програмата не е лесна заради интерфейса й, който е всъщност поле, на което се пишат нужните команди. В този момент идват допълнителните програми, които служат като frontend за Inno Setup, работата с които вече е опростена и удобна.

Технически данни

Безплатен (Freeware)
Официална страница:
Поддържани ОС:
95 / 98 / 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista / Server 2008 / 7 / 8 / 10
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[hspoiler][list]Windows 8 change: [Icons] section flag excludefromshowinnewinstall now additionally prevents the new shortcut from being automatically pinned the Start screen.
* Added new command line parameters supported by Setup: /HELP and /?. Cause Setup to display the list of accepted command line parameters in a message box, exiting with exit code 0 afterwards. Ignored if the UseSetupLdr [Setup] section directive was set to no.
* Added new command line parameter supported by Inno Setup's own installer: /PORTABLE=1. Causes Inno Setup's own installer to not create an uninstaller nor an entry in the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel applet. Also supported by QuickStart Pack's installer.
* Added workaround for bug in 64-bit Windows which in some cases would cause Windows to display an error message when a user tries to change the icon of an installed shortcut.
* Updated the compiler and document icons, created by Motaz.
* Restart Manager: If Setup is not running silently and is unable to close all applications using files that need to be updated, it will now ask the user to abort, retry, or ignore. Previously it always ignored.
* A message has been added in this version. (View differences in Default.isl)
* New message: ErrorCloseApplications.
* Added official Corsican and Nepali translations. The Nepali translation requires Unicode Inno Setup.
* Inno Setup Preprocessor (ISPP) changes:
* Added directive #redim to increase or decrease the dimension of an existing array variable.
* Added function DimOf. Returns the dimension of the specified identifier.
* Pascal Scripting changes:
* Added new function: ExtractTemporaryFiles. This function is like ExtractTemporaryFile but supports wildcards and doesn't ignore directory information.
* When ExtractTemporaryFile or ExtractTemporaryFiles extracts a file, this is now logged.
* Unicode Inno Setup: Now has an Int64 type, supported by IntToStr. Also added new StrToInt64, StrToInt64Def, and GetSpaceOnDisk64 support functions.
* If the Flags parameter of a [Files] entry includes isreadme and the entry also has a BeforeInstall or AfterInstall parameter, the BeforeInstall or AfterInstall functions will now only be called when the file is installed and no longer a second time when the file is viewed after the installation has completed.
* [Setup] section directive VersionInfoProductTextVersion, which sets the textual product version value, is now truncated at 50 characters instead of 20. Contributed by Lukas Ais via GitHub.
* The Inno Setup help file source code has been moved into the main Inno Setup source code repository.
* Fix: [Setup] section directive CloseApplicationsFilter was partially case sensitive.
* Unicode [code] based on RemObjects Pascal Script Git commit 31abd2925837d85a6965b5325e8fb7835ca73ea8.
* QuickStart Pack: No longer offers to download and install InnoIDE (which is no longer maintained by its author) unless /ALLOWINNOIDE=1 is specified on the command line. If you're still using InnoIDE it is recommended you switch to Inno Script Studio (which QuickStart pack can download and install).
* Minor tweaks.[/list][/hspoiler]
[hspoiler=Inno Setup 5.5.29084][list]*Added the Windows 8 "compatibility" section to the various manifest resources used by Inno Setup.
*Added constants and . Only Windows 7 and later supports and ; if used on previous Windows versions, they will translate to the same directories as \Programs and \Programs\Common.
*Pascal Scripting: Added new RegisterExtraCloseApplicationsResources event function and also added new RegisterExtraCloseApplicationsResource support function. These functions can be used to register extra files which Setup should check for being in-use.
*Added new command line parameters supported by Setup: /CLOSEAPPLICATIONS and /RESTARTAPPLICATIONS. These can be used to override the CloseApplications and RestartApplications directives.
*Decreased Unicode Setup.e32's and SetupLdr.e32's size. Contributed by Andreas Hausladen via GitHub. (This reduced the size of Unicode Inno Setup's own installer by approximately 40 KB.)
*Unicode [code] based on RemObjects Pascal Script Git commit 52291ffbfc14f3cf1a445f3e88c6902e13fbdf78.
*Minor tweaks.[/list][/hspoiler]
[hspoiler=Inno Setup 5.5.17643][list]Added official Greek translation.
*Updated the official Catalan, Czech, Danish, Finnish, French (Standard), German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian (Bokmal), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Serbian (Cyrillic), Serbian (Latin), Slovenian, Spanish, and Ukrainian translations for the changes introduced by the previous version.
*Demoted the official Basque and Slovak translations to unofficial because of a lack of updates by the maintainers. To send updates yourself, see this post for what needs updating and use this form to send updates (or use GitHub). See the Inno Setup Translations page for more information.
*Fix: The Preparing to Install wizard page's detection of files that need to be updated but are in use or queued (by some other installation) to be replaced or deleted on the next restart did not work for [Files] and [InstallDelete] entries with a Components or Tasks parameter.
*Minor tweaks.[/list][/hspoiler]
[hspoiler=Inno Setup 5.5.06371][list]The Preparing to Install wizard page now also checks if one or more files specified in the [InstallDelete] section were queued (by some other installation) to be replaced or deleted on the next restart, making Setup stop on the page if it does. Previously it only checked files specified in the [Files] section.
*Setup now additionally hides the Back and Next buttons while the PrepareToInstall "code" event function is running. Previously it only disabled itself.
*Added new [Setup] section directive: AllowNetworkDrive, which defaults to yes. If set to no, the user will not be allowed to enter a network drive on the Select Destination Location page of the wizard. Note: to fully disallow installation to network locations, you must also set AllowUNCPath to no.
*Windows 7 changes: Added new [Icons] section flag: preventpinning. Prevents a Start menu entry from being pinnable to Taskbar or the Start Menu on Windows 7 (or later). This also makes the entry ineligible for inclusion in the Start menu's Most Frequently Used (MFU) list. Ignored on earlier Windows versions. Contributed by Milan Burda via GitHub.
*Windows 7 SP1 fixed the issue with EstimatedSize values in the Uninstall registry key and on Windows 7 SP1 or newer Setup now sets EstimatedSize even for sizes of 4GB or more.
*Improved the "auto-retry" feature of the [Files] section: it now automatically retries even if the restartreplace [Files] section flag is used.
*Pascal Scripting: Changed the InstallOnThisVersion support function to return a Boolean value. If an invalid version string is passed, an exception will be raised.
*Added 128x128 and 256x256 sizes to the compiler and document icons, created by Motaz.
*Some messages have been added and removed in this version. (View differences in Default.isl)
*New messages: ApplicationsFound, ApplicationsFound2, CannotInstallToNetworkDrive, CannotInstallToUNCPath, CloseApplications, DontCloseApplications, InvalidParameter, SetupAlreadyRunning, ShutdownBlockReasonInstallingApp, ShutdownBlockReasonUninstallingApp, StatusClosingApplications, StatusRestartingApplications, WindowsServicePackRequired, WindowsVersionNotSupported.
*New custom messages: AutoStartProgramGroupDescription, AutoStartProgram, AddonHostProgramNotFound.
*Removed messages: ToUNCPathname.
*Note: only the official English and Dutch translations have been updated for these changes at this moment. See the Inno Setup Translations page for more information.
*Inno Setup Preprocessor (ISPP) changes
*Added function DirExists.
*The ISPP source code has been moved into the main Inno Setup source code repository.
*Minor tweaks.[/list][/hspoiler]
[hspoiler=Inno Setup 5.4.35645][list]QuickStart Pack: Now offers to download and install Inno Script Studio besides InnoIDE.
*Setup now only allows the "Don't create a Start Menu folder" check box to suppress the creation of shortcuts under . Previously, it would also suppress the creation of shortcuts in other locations, such as , on entries that lacked a Tasks parameter.
*Setup now doesn't count files with Tasks/Check parameters when calculating the disk space shown at the bottom of the Select Components page.
*Improved throughput of external file copying on some devices.
*On Unicode, Setup now supports Rich Edit 4.1 when available.
*Inno Setup Preprocessor (ISPP) changes:
- Documentation improvements: Added the functions available from ISPPBuiltins.iss to the help file.
- #ifexist/#ifnexist: For consistency with ISPP functions, prepend SourcePath if the filename is relative, and also support prefix expansion.
- ReadReg: Now only requests KEY_QUERY_VALUE access on the key. Previously, it requested KEY_ALL_ACCESS.
*The Inno Setup source code is now also available as a Git repository at GitHub. This should make it easier to contribute to Inno Setup, see GitHub Help - Fork A Repo for more info.
*Added official Serbian (both Latin and Cyrillic) and Ukrainian translations.
*Minor tweaks.[/list][/hspoiler]
[hspoiler=Inno Setup 5.4.23262][list]*Windows 7 change: Added new [Icons] section flag: excludefromshowinnewinstall. Prevents a Start menu entry for a newly installed application shortcut from receiving a highlight on Windows 7 (or later). Ignored on earlier Windows versions.
*Compiler IDE change: Changed shortcut for Edit | Complete Word to Alt+Right (but still recognize Ctrl+Space). Reportedly, Ctrl+Space conflicts with the Chinese IME.
*Fixes: Inno Setup Preprocessor: #include handling of '.\' and '..\' now treats such filenames as relative to the directory containing the current file, not to the current directory (which is undefined).
*On the 5.4.1 Unicode compiler, trying to build a multi-language installer while running under a DBCS code page could unexpectedly result in "Illegal null character" errors.
*On Unicode, string-type parameters passed to BeforeInstall and AfterInstall functions were being converted to ANSI.[/list][/hspoiler]
[hspoiler=Inno Setup 5.3.3 Beta1430]Все още няма добавени промени[/hspoiler]

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