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The Bat! Beta 4
Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


The Bat! е един чудесен мейл клиент с приятен интерфейс и лесен за работа. Има множество функции като - поддръжка на повече от един POP профил, MIME и UUencode стандарти, PGP поддръжка, сортиране на съобщенията, минимизиране в системен трeй и т.н. Програмата има доста висока степен на сигурност срещу вируси и атаки. Разликата между Home и Professional версията може да намерите тук.

Технически данни

Официална страница:
Поддържани ОС:
95 / 98 / 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista / 7
  • System folders (like Inbox, Outbox, Trash, etc) can now have their own
    settings for templates, deletion etc.
    *[+] Profiles for refiltering a folder
    *[+] Filter action to add/delete addresses to/from address book can extract
    target addresses from message body with template
  • If files were dropped onto an Address History item, the editor uses the
    correspoing e-mail address as the destination
  • Some visual fixes in "View Mode Setup"
    *[-] "Resend" message action must use "Delivery type" option in "Account
    Properties" to send message immediately or put it in Outbox
    *[-] "-ERR Invalid command" response from POP3 server when trying to open
    message in Message Dispatcher
  • Empty lines are now correctly appears in POP.log
  • Empty lines are now correctly appear in SMTP.log
    *[-] Access Violation when trying to save attachment with drag&drop from message
    opened from disk file (anti-virus check enabled)
    *[+] It is now possible to quick search folders in the folder selection dialogue
    *[-] Application freezes when doing mass mailing of big messages
    *[+] Nickname (Handle) from Address Book can be used in TO parameter of /MAIL
    switch in command line
    *[+] Nicknames (Handles) from Address Book are automatically expanded when used
    in address macros (TO, CC, ...) in templates
    *[-] Problem when coping/moving several messages between folders of the same
    Gmail account
  • Double clicking on a list column separator expands column to fit its
    *[-] File selection dialog used main form as parent window on WinXP (hiding
    current window - message editor or address book)
    *[-] Memory corruption if Message Finder was closed when searching is in progress
    *[-] System Hotkey "Open MailTicker messages" didn't bring opened message to
    front on Windows XP
    *[+] Folder set tabs in the folder selection dialogue
The Bat! Beta 4

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