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TwistedBrush Pro Studio 19.12
Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


Pixarra TwistedBrush Pro Studio е софтуер помагащ ви да рисувате с напълно естествени инструменти. Производителя на продукта е заложил на изпълнението на продукта си и може да се каже, че е успял, защото лесно и бързо създавате чудесни картини, а в последствие да редактирате вашите произведения. За да Ви улесни програмата е снабдена с над 2000 вида четки, възможност за работа със слоеве, възможност за клониране на снимки, използване на маски, частици, филтри, различни текстури и още множество приятни и полезни възможности.

Технически данни

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Поддържани ОС:
95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / Server 2008 / 7
  • Added - PSD (Photoshop) files can now be loaded and saved with basic layer information (only normal mixing modes).
  • Added - Tool bar settings are now saved between instances of running TwistedBrush.
  • Added - Rotate Brush option added to the Quick Command panel.
  • Added - Integration of Fine Art Printing uploading and order placement right without TwistedBrush. Found on the main menu as item Order Prints.
  • Added - 7 New brushes added to the Art Pro - Image Filters ArtSet.
  • Improved - The Art Pro - Image Filter brushes now save the selected filter settings with the brush!
  • Improved - The Pro Mask Image Filter and Pro Stroke Image Filter brushes have numerous additional options.
  • Improved - Brushes can now be designed with up to 9 post stroke filters!! This becomes an easier way to create sets of reusable filter combinations.
  • Improved - Pressing the Select Filter button in the Brush Control panel will pull up the last configured setting for the filter number.
  • Improved - The Backgrounds filters get an option to lock alpha . Allows alpha areas to be protected.
  • Improved - The Backgrounds filters get an option to randomly position the pattern.
  • Changed - The Pro Image Script brushes have been moved to their own ArtSet. Art Pro - Image Scripts
  • Changed - The brush effect Simple Filter has been replaced with Simple Filter 1 - Simple Filter 9.
  • Fixed - Some complex brushes that use both the Size effect and Rotate effect could result in incorrect drawing.
  • Fixed - The Lasso mode of the Copy tool was not placing the starting position correctly when the page was scrolled.
  • Fixed - Selecting a brush category in the Brush Effects panel would result in the brush name being changed.
  • Fixed - Brushes that used the Blend Mix Capture effects were not working properly. This included the Pro Oil Pastel and around 10 other brushes.

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