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Kerio Control 7.4.0 Build 4986
Version warning Има по-нова стабилна версия на тази програма.


Kerio Control е новото име на Kerio WinRoute Firewall - защитна стена (Firewall) за големи мрежи и сървъри. Тoва приложение съчетава възможностите на SSL-базиран VPN сървър (опция), рутер, интегриран ISS Orange Web Filter, VoIP, UPnP поддръжка и още много.

Технически данни

Официална страница:
Поддържани ОС:
2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista / Server 2008 / 7
  • HTTPS traffic filtering
  • Added support for Microsoft Hyper-V including pre-built virtual appliance image
  • Statistics for groups
  • Users can now view their own statistics
  • Added possibility to send user statistics as a regular email report
  • User photos in statistics
  • Kerio Control Administration dashboard
  • Appliance Edition: Added support for 802.1Q VLAN interfaces
  • User can now report incorrect Kerio Control Web Filter categorization directly from Denial Page
  • Added possibility to allow inbound IPv6 connections from/to specified addresses
  • New categories added to Kerio Control Web Filter
  • Kerio Control Web Filter now categorizes URLs embedded inside original URLs (used for example by Google Translate)
  • Appliance Edition: Added possibility to configure link speed and duplex for the links
  • Appliance Edition: Added possibility to use gateway which does not match local subnet
  • Added support for load balancing multiple PPPoE connections established to single ISP (to the same IP subnet)
  • It is now possible to move DHCP reservation between scopes
  • External antivirus support removed. Previously configured external antivirus remains set but it is not possible to configure new external antivirus.
  • Significantly improved performance when configuring large number of IP addresses on an interface
  • Deny pages redesigned
  • Administrator is warned when leaving Kerio Control Administration while edit dialog is open in order to prevent data loss
  • Kerio Control Administration: Graphs design improved
  • Kerio Control now uses multiple NTP servers in order to increase time synchronization reliability
  • When duplicating a rule in the list, the new rule is now always created below the original rule
  • Improved NTLM compatibility - now NTLM should work out of the box in most scenarios
  • It is now possible to test SMTP relay before applying it's configuration
  • Kerio Control Administration: Less often used buttons merged to 'More actions' button to save space
  • Turning antivirus scanning off on SMTP connections now can resolve greylisting incompatibility issues
  • Added the possibility to continue using backup internet line in failover mode
  • Increased timeout for SIP connections
  • Improved performance of user authentication on proxy server
  • Extended configuration options of HTTP cache
  • Number of users and connected devices is now visible on dashboard
  • Fixed: SSH session established through the firewall could timeout
  • Fixed: Kerio Control Web Filter failed to categorize extremely long URLs
  • Fixed: DNS forwarder failed to forward queries for names longer than 128 bytes.
  • Kerio Control Administration: several minor improvements, increased stability
  • Fixed: Appliance Edition: When joining domain A record for firewall host was not added on domain's DNS server. Client computers were not able to access the firewall when using domain's DNS server.
  • Fixed: VPN Server IP address was not displayed on the Interfaces screen
  • Fixed: It was not possible to create VPN tunnel with custom routes only
  • Fixed: If automatic login IP address configured for first user was later configured for another user, it was deleted for the first user without any warning.
  • Fixed: IPv6 connection timeout was not correctly changed after FIN or RST was received
  • Fixed: Appliance Edition: IP address and routes were not removed from interface on cable disconnect
  • Fixed: BOOTP server sometimes failed to configure TFTP server (causing PXE boot to fail under certain circumstances)
  • Fixed: Traffic charts for rules involving time intervals did not work properly
  • Fixed: Moving system date/time forward disconnected Kerio Control Administration
  • Fixed: Kerio Control installation failed if profile folder was on other than system partition
  • Fixed: Antivirus now works in trial mode
  • Fixed: Wrong policy routing applied after change of routing table
  • Fixed: Persistent VPN on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • Fixed: NAT was not applied correctly on SIP connections

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