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µHash is a small tool for checking md5 checksum of files and creating/verifying of md5 logs.


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[v.0.5.1 Build 284]
+ Added String-to-MD5 tool.
+ Added main window toolbar captions.

[v.0.5.0 Build 223]
+ Rewritten from scratch.
+ Full Drag&Drop support (with folder dragging)
+ Two new dialogs for verifying of md5 file and single file.
+ Reworked GUI, much more user-friendly now ;P
* Only MD5 support in this version.
* Options still partly implemented (planned for next version).
* Code needs much fixing, so sources will come later...

[v.0.4.1 Build 89]
* Fixed a bug where opening a file without extension crashes the program. (thx to sachith kadamba)

[v.0.4 Build 88]
+ µHash is an 100% open source (GNU/GPL) software now!
+ Added "Cancel" button.
+ Added option to save a log file with the files from the list. This function uses the same formatting as the Copy function does.
+ Added more macros for the clipboard and the new "save log" function.
+ User can now view more information about the calculation process.
+ Added right-click menu in the file list.
+ Added right-click menu for the tray icon.
- Removed RC4.
* Fixed some bugs.

[v.0.3 Build 64]
+ Options window added. All options are saved to ini file, so the program is completely portable.
+ Added option to set different buffer for each algorithm. (/buffer arguments no longer supported)
+ Added tray icon support, and also some options around it ;)
+ Added custom text formating when copying to the clipboard.
+ Added option to set different extensions for MD5 Files.
+ Added option to auto check files, right after they are added into the list.
+ Added "Always on top" option.
* Many other minor tweaks and fixes.
- Removed ELF, Adler, and DJB algorithms... if u want them just download older version.

[v.0.2 Build 35]
+ Completely reworked interface.
+ MD5 File support. Files are auto-detected when opening files. No specific actions needed. :)
+ Added support for ELF, Adler32 and DJB checksums for files.
+ Added some hotkeys.
+ Default flie buffer is now 80 kb. (use "/buffer bytes" arguments to set a larger/smaller buffer)
- Removed some algorithms, that were included in v.0.1.
* Some code fixes and optimizations.

[v.0.1 Build 18]
+ Added Drag & Drop support.

[v.0.1 Build 16]
+ First release.

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